Boutique.... SOON

Queen Creek Boutique. & a GIVEAWAY for the boutique... check out all the details & vendors...


its just TWO weeks away...

i'll be selling Headbands, some bows, taking orders for letters & custom onesies. I'll also be selling christmas boy onesies, & some owl onesies! i'm pretty excited!


Necklace holder

I made this necklace holder (which will eventually hang on my wall) all the knobs are from Anthropology (sale ones) & mike drilled the holes & shortened the back of the knobs for me! :) i LOVE the way it turned out!! & i decided to display my owl necklaces on it...just for a picture.

thanks traci, for being the photographer for my stuff :)


i brought all my owls over to tracis & she took pics of all of them for a header i had in mind. & then i found that quote by walt whitman & we put it all together. I love it!!

Thanks traci for taking the picture & putting together the header for me! love it. obviously. i {love} OWLS.

as if you couldn't tell from the last post. haha.



i got this pitcher/vase at hobby lobby 50% off like a month ago.. it was sitting empty on my coffee table until today, when i went to the grocery store & saw the perfect flowers.  now it brings an even bigger smile to me. owls alone make me smile...

mike looked at the book shelf & said... "and whennnn did you get THAT owl?" hehe. umm a few weeks ago... along with the one on the shelf above that. :) both of them for a total of 7 buckaroos. yep i'm a bargain shopper. and an owl lover. enjoy that picture.



2 posts in the same month?! i know... i'm goin a little crazy!

but i wanted to tell you all to look at
 i posted the name i did for my good friends brooke and jay johnson... for their baby girl who is due in like 2 weeks!

so go look!

& that's all folks. :)


crafting & colds.

my headbands are selling at the PINK salon by ASU.  I need to take another loot over SOON & collect my money for the ones i've sold :) its fun.

i just did some fun nursery letters for my friend brooke johnson- her baby Hadlie! so cute. When she hangs them up i'll steal a picture from her! The babies room is ADORABLE!

I did a onesie for her too with an H on it. But of course i forgot to take a picture! oops. looks like i'll be bugging her for that too! haha.

Well... i'm feeling under the weather- thurs when i got off work (5:30ish) and got home... i started to really feel like JUNK. {i knew it was coming... mike had gone camping 2 weeks ago with his buddy, and his friend had this nasty head cold/flu thing. well 4 days later...MIKE got it... lasted like 5 days &  he missed a few days of work!!} then...it took a week for it to hit me! i woke up so many times in the night thurs night... i SNORED. felt so bad! haha. & i complained allll night. The beginning of the school year & ALREADY got sick. blah. the girl i worked with (student) was sick all weekend (last weekend) fever and all.

I am gonna be in the PECAN CREEK BOUTIQUE again this year! SO exciting.
When: Saturday, November 20, 2010

Time: 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Where: Pecan Creek South Neighborhood

I'm gonna sell Rosette headbands, rosette clips w/headbands, probably some bows, Onesies with a variety of designs & my book of wood letters i've done so people can order! :) hoping to roll in more MULA than i did last year!



ok- amy insisted that i post. sorry my life isn't very exciting!! :)
So... summer is almost over & i'm pretty sad about that. I'm pretty bummed i won't be working in the same classroom i have for the last 2 years. I have worked in the SPICE classroom- kids with autism, 1-3rd grade. and i've LOVED it. the kids are so great! I got switched to MD SCILLS. It should be interesting. I'm not to sure what to expect really. thankfully i'll still get to work with sweet connor after school one day a week! He has been so much fun to work with this summer- i've been taking him to my Granny goose's every Tues. to swim! Gran just LOVES him. And spoils him with candy of course. :)

I bought a BIKE. i was pretty excited about it. now if mike & i could start riding them at night. haha.
I love the bike though. great fun & its super cute.

We found one of our dogs- Shooter, a new home! yay! the same home that we sent Mufasa too. except mufasa decided to run away on their first camping trip up north with their other dog. Hopefully shooter has better luck! :) but we are just happy to have silence when the sun comes up in the morning. apparently shooter WAS the culprit of the morning barking ritual haha. 3 dogs was just to much. to feed & to listen to in the morning :)

Alright- health update, some of you may know i had some tests done back in april... endoscopy & the other FUN oscopy one haha. not. & a CT scan. & blood work... yadda yadda. Only to get absolutely NO answers. that was a lot of money for NOTHING. Anyways... I'm finally getting FOOD allergy testing done today. & i'm actually really excited. I'm sure i'll be nervous once i get there & they start the skin thing. But i'm ready to start feeling better & living life to the fullest. - which is hard to do with a chronic stomachache. lol. -TMI? sorry. I'll update this once i get back from the dr & they tell me what i'm allergic to. or intolerant of.
Head over to BLUEYEDESIGN for a few new onesies i've done :)

EDIT: allergy test update...
they tested 100 yeah- ONE HUNDRED - 40 foods & 60 plants n molds n stuff.
i apparently am NOT allergic to any of the foods they tested for. SURPRISE. man.
BUT i AM allergic to the following: Grasses, a couple different Molds, white poplar tree, ash tree, some different weeds, Black willow tree, hickory-pecan tree, & mountain cedar tree. oh joy. not really the answers i was looking for. OH well.



Here are some songs i really love.

I have one of his Cds... LOVE IT.

i want the yellow piano...


a-z of me.

Got this from Brooke Whites blog. she is so full of personality, love checking her blog.
this was REALLY hard to do. honestly. try it!

A- artsy

B- blueyed

C- Cautious

D- determined

E- Encouraging

F- fifth

G- gentle

H- Helpful

I- imaginative

J- joyful

K- kind

L- Love

M- married

N- neat

O- obedient

P- plain
Q- Quiet

R- responsible

S- sensitive

T- thrify

U- unique

V- vivacious

W- warm

X- xray

Y- youth

Z- zeany



Alright ladies and Gents... its time that we find shooter a new home. we love him, but we just can't have 3 dogs. its too much! Here he is... right behind his momma gracie... they look EXACTLY alike. So cute. anyways... Male, 6 mo.- just needs a good home with lots of attention and a place to run around!!! :) tell your friends & family.



thanks for the birthday wishes everyone... :)

my sweet hubby surprised me... YES i was very very surprised actually.... with a Netbook computer! i had told him i wanted one a bit ago but decided i would suffice with the old thick dell laptop he bought me (from a friend) for christmas when we were engaged. i needed something updated & faster :) and it was a surprise. and i was super excited. anyways... i had a fun day on my bday... woke up- mike did the dishes & cleaned off the stove & counters.... woohoo. & then he remembered he got me a gift around 10 am... and gave it to me! :) & then we got ready and headed to Granny gooses to meet amy, ryan, lindsay, riley, annie, traci, scott, harley, mom & dad there. We ate pizza, went swimming, had cupcakes & watermelon! it was great fun. After that Amy, traci, Harley, & i went to chandler mall and went to GAP- i had a gift card & a $25 off coupon for jeans, :) so that was cool. and then we headed over to Joes Farmgrill in Gilbert for a free meal.... pretty sweet. & then my dessert of choice was Bahama bucks- DELISH. since i was a little girl at water n ice i've always gotten blue raspberry & watermelon mixed- to DIE FOR. and i of course- always get a blue tongue & lips... and they always think i'm crazy when i say i want those flavors mixed, not side by side. but its yummy. you should all try it. its SO worth looking like i've been stuck in the cold for days... haha.

anywho... WORK- a week n a half left before schools out for summer & i'm just a TAD excited. i'll be able to have LOTS more time for selling hair accessories & crafts & i'll also be doing respite with a couple boys- a few days a week. it'll be lovely to have a few days to just focus on selling my stuff online.
i'm still hoping i have my job next year- cross your fingers for me! please? of course we wont find out till the end of june probably, just like last year! SO terrible. still hoping prop 100 here passes... & helps out education in AZ. its so sad what this world is coming to!

ok well i'm rambling & i'm very tired.

AMY- thank you SO much for coming to visit. its been so much fun hanging out with you... i hope you have a safe flight & come back soon to visit.



Our shower is ALMOST done.
yes, i know i think i said ONE week, its been like 3.
grout needs to be done on the whole thing & then the floor tile.
that'll be nice when its done. maybe they'll work on it tonight?

umm... i hope i have a job next year! things are looking quite grim in the education area. its ridiculous what they are doing in the schools. cutting back in areas that they shouldn't! i'm 100% sure that cutting back on aids in special education classrooms is NOT the answer. if they want to see the children PROGRESS- they need the help in those classrooms. its so sad. the teacher in our classroom is "riffed" for now. which is So ridiculous. I'm sure she'll have her job, but its dumb how much they put teachers & aids through. just like last year. Waiting til the end of June to find out if we have a job or not. i don't like waiting games.

i don't like waiting games of any sort.

anyways... while laying in bed on sunday night after a "fun, eventful evening" i got a text from jill. it was a picture message. and it was my NAME written by Sabrina Ward Harrison. Author of my favorite book Spilling Open!! it basically made my night. Jill got to spend the weekend with her at a workshop in Seattle. (JEALOUS!) But i had sent jill a package to deliver to Sabrina- a hair wrap. And so it was a nice surprise that jill asked her to do that for me! :)


happy 26th.

happy birthday to mike.

I made this wonderful cake last night at about 10pm while mike & his friend were working on the shower. so don't judge. i was really tired. :) and then i woke up this morning and put the layers together and did the top frosting and wrote on it. then my sister traci asked... no guns, tents, or trucks on it? i don't have any toy guns or tents or small trucks to put on it... so i decided to draw a gun. its not my best work. i assure you. i've never actually drawn a gun- not something i typically used to sketch on my papers in high school or anything. anyways, its a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. the writing is black sparkly decorating tube stuff. i had big plans to take it to mikes work when i got off work, and take him his presents. but my big plan was quickly ruined when mike informed me that his boss' wife brought in cake and ice cream for everyone. boo. so now mike, eddie (his friend helping with the shower) and i get to eat this cake. and i'm waiting patiently for the party to start. maybe i should get some neighbors to come join us?
oh well. too bad the house is a disaster & i haven't vaccumed because the boys keep walking in and out with cement dust and other dirt on their shoes from the shower. i'm waiting til its done to deep clean. so don't be offended if we haven't invited you over in a few weeks. :)
happy birthday mike. hope it was a good one. love you. 26. woot woot.
p.s. our anniversary is in 2 weeks. then my birthday is 2 weeks after that. good times. good times.



please head over to www.blueyedesign.blogspot.com

many new things over there for people who don't see my facebook.


i'm tired. and i can't go to bed because they are fixing the shower. boo.
this week is going to be long. good thing i'll have a nice new shower at the end of the week.
crossing my fingers.
cross yours?

enjoy your week.



I'm enjoying my sewing machine.

first time sewing on an article of clothing NOT by hand

I made this skirt for my niece harley....

needless to say we tried it on her this afternoon
and it was like a baby fitted pencil skirt, so i'll be making another one! haha

this is from valentines weekend...we went camping just the 4 of us. haha...
shooter slept the whole way. so cute.

this is when he was just 6 weeks old,
when we were giving all the other pups away...

and look at him now. i think he might be a bit challenged.
he puts his rear towards me when i try to scratch his ears. hmmm.

but either way...we have cute dogs.

anyone interested in an 85 mercedes benz 300sd?! (diesel)
YOU KNOW YOU want it...... ok, you know someone ELSE that wants it...spread the word. its for sale.


Spilling the Beans

My sister jill gave me a blank book in 2004.

i titled it "spilling the beans". my brother in law jim- took a picture of beans falling out of my hands. && i put it on the cover. (if my scanner was working properly i could post the pages.)

i have a page of just a few quotes in it:

"you do not have to be your mother, unless she is who you want to be; the only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be" - unknown

"i'm afraid to show you who i really am, because if i show you who i really am, you might not like it, and thats all i've got" sabrina ward harrison.

"average isnt awful, but it is as close to the bottom as it is to the top." unknown.

"a new idea is delicate. it can be killed by a sneer or a yawn; it can be stabbed to death by a joke or worried to death by a frown on the right persons brow." - charles brower

in 8th grade we had to write a poem. this was mine- and i wrote it again in this book.

people scream,
people cuss,
people cry,
life goes on.
we get hurt
we get well
life goes on.
people die
people cry
we don't know why
life goes on.
life goes on.
we stand there while all this happens,
wondering why.
but we can't help it.
life just goes on.

i asked some of my friends in highschool what they have learned about life so far:
(i wont put their full names. just in case- these individuals knew i was going to put this in my book. & some spilled their hearts. makes me tear up.- dont forget these are their ages in highschool when they wrote these things. i was 17 at the time.)

Robert 18: i learned that life takes you for a ride, but the only thing you can do is hold on tight and see where HE wants you to go. You can't control destiny, but you can control your destination.

Annie 17: well i've learned a couple things about life... no matter what the circumstances are, things can always get worse. you just have to take a step back, look at the big picture. its then you realize that life isn't as bad as it seems.

Brianne 16: well life is tough for the most part. but its a road we all have to travel at one time or another. some people have it worse off than others, but i guess the more you go through the stronger you get. i guess you could- i've been through a lot, but i'm still going. very slowly but i'm alive. it still hurts of course. especially when i think of my dad. he died of blood clotting in the artery. he smoked unfortunately. but he was trying to quit. he had been smoking too long though i guess. it got the better of him in the end. he had a habit of holding grudges too. he and my mom had not talked to eachother for a while and he was just starting to talk to her again. go figure eh? as for now, my mom is still ill with fibromyalgia. 3 1/2 years now. it seemed like an eternity. my brother is getting into a lot of trouble at school and is failing. we cant really blame him though. he had a stroke almost immediately after he was born and it cramped up the left side of his brain. so the right side of his body is really weak now. hes lucky he looks normal. everyone thought he would be handicapped for the rest of his life whether it would be talking or walking. he was a miracle. ah geez and my poor grandma has been diagnosed with everything and has had several heart attacks. she does everything to help us out though nonetheless. well now that ive spilled my heart and life story- i'll tell you about me. for the most part, i'm the only normal one and it completely sucks. but i write music as an outlet. its fun and comforting.

lucy 16: so far in life, i have learned that love shouldn't hurt, and when you find it you will know it because it is the best feeling ever.

arianne 17: well mindy, one thing i have learned in life is: you HAVE to be yourself because nobody else will be you and nobody else can be. also that it is possible to change bad habits and bad things you do and add good things to what you want to be doing but it is impossible to change yourself completely. also that if you are not open and are yourself at all times then you will feel unsure about who you are because you aren't really you. the worst thing in the world is to not know yourself. you can think that you will just let other people get to know you and then try and figure out who you are by them... but you are just conforming to them. you must first find our who you are and who you want to be and then let others see you, the REAL you. clearly i hate it when people aren't true to themselves.

suzanne 17: what i've learned from life... life isn't about easy tasks or escaping hardships. i've learned that life is what you make it. for example everybody makes mistakes. the hardest part of life is realizing youve made a mistake and pretty much just DEALING with it. i've also realized through my life that high school in itself is its own pathway through life. its way different from jr high, and elementary school. people are thinking they can do drugs and pretty much run wild. but that's not the way it works. because i've learned for myself that i am who i am and thats ok. i'm ok with being the rebel but i'm also ok with keeping up the standards i've set for myself. it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks as much as it matters what i think about me. i've found and like my "me-ish-ness"(sabrina ward harrison)

Janaya 17: one thing i have learned is: steal, lie, cheat, and drink! if you must steal, steal someones heart. if you must lie, lie about your age. if you must cheat, cheat death. and if you must drink, have one for me.

brittany 15 1/2: i have learned that you can't have your cake and eat it too. life is hard and unnatural. everything is always competition... who is the skinniest and prettiest....but really you need to look more into the average person. usually you will find out something creative about them. and thats how life goes.

adam 18:
love- love is worth reaching for, but don't stretch so far you fall on your face.
family- coming from someone who doesn't deal well with his... i've learned that life is much smoother when everyone gets along.

sam 17: never eat yellow snow. you can go anywhere in life as long as you look important and carry a clipboard. never stay mad at your friends because they come in handy. forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for a late pizza(ninja turtles)

i am 21 years old now. i started journaling & crafting in my book 6 years ago. i feel like my outlook on life has changed completely from when i was 17. i have also come into my "me-ish-ness"(sabrina ward harrison) and i worry less about about what other people think. i can't say i don't worry at all, but improving. I credit jill and sabrina ward harrison for inspiring the book. although i have many pages still blank- i hope someday it will be complete enough to share with those i love. i felt like sharing part of the book with you. going back and reading the book & what my friends have learned in life reminds me that we must never judge the people we know. we do not completely know what they are going through and their hardships and internal battles. thank you to those who contributed to part of this.

thank you for letting me share a part of the book. this is a long post...

ilove this one too. i hadnt heard it in so long.


letter to self.

I was going through old posts from march 2008. and i felt like this was worth re-posting. for myself anyways...

Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you. Walt Whitman

I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. Bill Cosby

Dear Self,
i come to you, to beg of you, to never let your dreams go. never settle to be anything less than what you dream of. if it is a baker, a florist, a poet, a teacher, a student, a mother, a counselor, a photographer, a pilot, whatever it is- believe in all that you are. and all that you are not. if you pick one thing to accomplish each day, each week, each year, if it is that of a grain of sand, once you build it up, you'll have mountains. believe in yourself. in your passion. in what you have done. and the person you want to become. when life throws curveballs, when it throws trials, when you are drowning in feeling sorry for yourself, when you "feel like swiss cheese(what goes in the lonely holes?"-sabrina ward harrison) then think of a time when you were brave. when you had courage beyond belief. when you get to that place in your mind, in your heart, that is where the change begins. that is where the growth takes place. so be who you are. be what you want to be. try. try. try. and when you fail. try again. i've only learned this in the last few months. it isn't about anyone else. it is about how we feel and how we want to feel. its about pushing past fear, and doing what seems impossible. it is taking chances. it is about breathing deeply in who you are. and praying for the strength to be who he knows you are.

i'm rooting you on.


2 years. cotton.

Ok fellow readers... our two year anniversary is coming up. and its time we have new bedding. I looked it up and Two year anniversary the gift is Cotton. i LOVE LOVE this bedding. I'm thinking this comforter...


with this color sheets.... eh?

when i was at target i saw the body size pillow in this purple color and i wanted it.
i want opinions. :) im sure- actually almost positive mike wont have an opinion. and possibly might think its lame that i think we need new bedding. but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.


cleaning & crafting

Yup, monday is here. and i am starting to clean. its no joke this year- spring break really does mean Spring cleaning. I was looking forward to relaxing and crafting as i pleased. Shopping, watching movies, visiting family, going on my walks with Mary because i've been slacking for the last 3 weeks. (i wasnt feeling good -one way or another- the last few weeks)

I sold 7 hair wraps on friday at work.
I just thought i'd mention- Sabrina Ward Harrison - author of the most amazing book- Spilling Open: the art of becoming yourself. --- (if you know me well, you have heard of this book, i may have even given you a copy as a gift.) Well, on Facebook- she said she liked my picture of one of my hair wraps. When i saw that, it was like receiving the greatest compliment in the world. I immediately commented on her page & said how flattered i was and how much her book means to me. She replied BACK! (i'm not sure why i was so shocked, I said jill can you BELIEVE this?!- she replied YES mindy i can!) Sabrina is real and genuine just like her books.

I love your headbands! I would love to wear one if I could pull it off with my short hair
Mindy:oh you can!!! It would be my gift to you... can you message me an address that i can ship it to? tell me what colors you want and i'll whip one up for you!

Although she didnt reply yet, i'm still so very flattered. my sister jill will be going to her workshop in a month in Seattle and will be hand delivering a hair wrap. I cant wait.

anyways... i better get back to cleaning. traci & harley are coming over soon....

love you all.


new letters

new posts over at


tagged. 8.

no one tagged me before, cuz i didnt have the internet. haha. i was tagged by tahnee!

Eight things I am passionate about:

Eight words or phrases I use the most:

love you too
guess what?!
I Love You!
Thank You!
your kidding!
im not gonna lie.

Eight things I want to do before I die:
Have children!
Meet my grandkids
own a bigger house with land
be amazing at sewing. haha.
Serve a mission with mike!
Go to another country

Eight places I want to visit:

canada (in the summer)
New York

Eight favorite restaurants:
Gecko Grill
Pei Wei
Cafe Rio.
P.F. Changs
Red Robin

Eight TV shows I watch:(if i have time)
American idol
Fringe KingofQueens the ghost whisperer

Eighth folder Eighth picture:

haha. wearing my sunglasses.

i tag: jill, amy, ryan/lindsay, traci, kate, cami.


i'm pooped.

i stole this little questionnaire from amy, who got it from notebook doodles...
figured it'd be a post. and i'm slacking!

Your Cell Phone? shuts off.
Your Hair? dark brown with black.
Your Mother? saint.

Your Father? stubborn.
Your Favorite Food? texas roadhouse side caesar salad.
Your Dream Last Night? no clue.
Your Favorite Drink? wow. now that i cant drink dr pepper, i dont have a favorite. water?.
Your Dream/Goal? be daring.
What Room Are You In? scrapbook room
Your Hobby?crafts.
Your Fear? losing a loved one.
Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? kids.
Where Were You Last Night? dinner with cami. amazing.
Something That You Aren’t? a risk taker
Muffins? banana nut
Wish List Item? a new laptop
Where Did You Grow Up? gilbert.
Last Thing You Did? cleaned up the house just a tad.
What Are You Wearing? work out clothes...still.
Your TV? ch. 51
Your Pets? dog. gracie. puppy. shooter.
Friends? caring.
Your Life? tiring.
Your Mood? mellow.
Missing Someone? family out of state.
Vehicle? joyous!
Something You Aren’t Wearing? necklace.
Your Favorite Store? oh.target i suppose.
Your Favorite Color? mustard yellow.dark purple.grey. blue
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? just a bit ago.
Last Time You Cried? i dont remember.
Your Best Friend? husband.
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? home.
Facebook? searching friends
Favorite Place To Eat? texas roadhouse.

for a life update: staying rather busy. still on the diet. total weight loss: probably like 2 lbs. sucks. havent had a dr pepper in 3 weeks. still walking with my friend mary. we made it ALL the way up the mountain yesterday! yayy! distance from her house to the mountain- 1.7 miles. up & down mountain- appx 1 mile. back home- 1.7 miles. oh yeah...its kicking my butt. sore again today. didnt make it all the way up today because i had somewhere to be. so we cut it short.
i'm waiting for that "AH HA" moment when my clothes are loose and the scale shows less. it hasnt happened. maybe i need to cut more out of my diet? ive been much more tired lately and sleeping very well at night. the whole no caffeine + working out. kicking my rearend!

anyways. shooter (the puppy) is still super cute. love him.
mike came home from work friday with a bouquet of white gerbera daisies! my favorite. (he said the lady at the floral shop asked...are you sure you dont want roses? haha, so she asked if he at least wanted a red bow on the vase!) for valentines we went camping. just mike & i on friday night. took gracie & shooter. it was fun. had a fire & hot dogs. it was SOOOO cold. in the middle of the night i got in the back seat of the truck instead of the bed of it. i must say it was fun looking up at the stars. but i still dont think i'm the camping type. (jill and jim can attest to that.)

work is going...just going. haha. it has its ups and downs.
i bought a sewing machine. kind of excited about it. oh my craft world has opened. once i learn how to use it! this weekend i plan on organizing my craft room & setting it up! & having my mommacita come teach me as much as she can. WOOHOO!
well thats my update. toodles


owl love you forever

if you didn't know, i love owls. for the bulletin board outside our classroom- i did a tree, and made to owls to go on it, with different mix scrapbook paper. :) and then i cut out letters... Owl Love you Forever! :) then the kids each did an owl out of hearts... so cute. would anyone expect a different take for february?! not from me! haha.

So its been 6 weeks since christmas when the pups were born. which means its time we can give them away... mikes brother scott is taking the two grey twinners. one girl(the original one i wanted!). one boy.
mikes other brother karl, is taking mrs. chow looking one. :) haha.

its so wierd. they all have at least one black spot on their tongue like chows. some lots more than others.

If you know anyone who would like one- buy one, let us know. we are keeping a cute brown one- St. Nick. but we have 3 others up for grabs!

I've gotten 8 orders for headbands this week! (which totals in 12 since last week!) :) yay! & then yesterday i learned how to make a yo-yo & made harley a clip! its cute, if i do say so myself!

well, i'm staying busy although i typically only work AFTER work just one day! the crafts keep me busy. plus working out for over an hour every day after work!

um, sorry to kate & jill. you will not see a picture of me in this post. :)

hope all is well with you all. have a great weekend!
i'm off to clean!!!!


bet you.

so my sister and i started a better. kind of just to motivate eachother to get in shape. if i tell people about it maybe i'll do better.

so the rules- no soda, no sweets, no fast food. all the things that made up my diet until exactly a week ago. we may cheat- if we choose to on the weekend. i shared a sprite with mike at dinner saturday & then i ate some chocolate yesterday. i had to. it was screaming my name on saturday at the store.

first one to lose 10 lbs wins a shirt. (amy correct me if i get any of this wrong!)

last week, i didn't work out at all.
today- 1 hr. 15 min. workout. walked about a mile to a mountain from our neighborhood. then went partial way up this steep mountain. came down, walked back a mile home. i have a feeling i may be sore tomorrow. the girl from church i'm doing it with- 4 mo. prego...and she looks GOOD. but i think we were both dying walking up the mountain. so i didn't feel so bad. except, shes prego. and i'm not. so i'm REALLY outta shape hahaha.

well...here's to healthy habits and losing weight.
i guess i better go cook myself something healthy. i came home from the walk and cut up a pineapple...yummm.

well thats my update. maybe i'll try and take a picture of the headbands i've been selling so you can all see & tell everyone you know :)


puppy update.

yes yes. i know i'm the "dog lady" now haha.

heres an update. soooo i came home from work and decided with the big storm tonight i'd let the puppies sleep in the bathroom! wellll gracie doesnt like being in there too much. so i opened the door and told her to stay....and then this is what i see...

puppies running out with gracies head peaking out! hah. (notice the pup walking toward me, shes a monster! and the only one with fur that sticks out all over! shes way bigger than the rest)

my cute lil noel...? hah. not named yet.

all walkin around, tails waggin!! i love it

mike said tonight..."its gonna be so hard to give them away.." yup thats why we're keeping one...or two if we disagree on which one to keep! :) he he

anywho... life is good. i had food poisoning last weekend.(good ol' filiBs! nasty. never thrown up so much in 2 hrs in my life. not even in a year. :( work is going well. i'm ready for the weekend. for sure. except mike has a scout overnight thing. & fixing his tranny. so glad hes a mechanic!
OHHH i found someone (i'm 76% sure) that wants mufasa. our male dog. so thats good. no more pups for us! haha. & the big chunker pup? mikes brother is taking- his kiddos & wife begged him! yayyyyy! mike wants to keep the one with white feet. sooo if you know anyone that would be interested in a puppy...let me know!!!!



we got the internet everyone!!! be proud. woot woot! therefore, i will be posting more now :)
Our Gracie had her puppies on christmas!!! they are growing so fast & all their eyes opened this week. here are a few pictures:
Gracie. christmas morning. (queensland heeler/australian shephard mix)
Mufasa. the dad. (german shephard/chow mix.)
Gracie & 7 puppies.
I was at my parents house around 11, mike said he'd come over around 3. well i kept telling him he needed to come over. He calls me at 3 & says mindy, shes in labor, shes like panting n stuff. i said Honey, just come- you need to be at christmas dinner(i thought he was making it up). 3:15 he calls me back, "shes having one. its like coming out, oh my gosh, i got-ta- i gott-a go." It was an hour til the 2nd one came. then 10-15 min between each one. I got home around 6:30 from dinner, and then the last one came! She had 4 girls & 3 boys. & a good momma, despite the fact that shes very young. shes not QUITE a year old yet (neither is mufasa)
I came home one day to find her stuffed dog by the puppies & my christmas moose(it had been on the couch in the front room) also by the puppies.(i bought the previous day 50% off)

Here is my favorite puppy. a girl. snuggling up to the moose. SO cute. i want to name her something christmasy. We are only keeping one puppy. mike says i need to wait for a month more to see which personality is better. (but she doesn't whine like all the others when i hold her. :) ) anyways...i never thought i'd be one of those "wierdo dog people who post about their dogs" haha. sorry everyone. I just thought i'd share cute christmas mutt puppies!

P.s. i got a camera from mike for christmas, thank goodness. had my camera for christmas day :)