owl love you forever

if you didn't know, i love owls. for the bulletin board outside our classroom- i did a tree, and made to owls to go on it, with different mix scrapbook paper. :) and then i cut out letters... Owl Love you Forever! :) then the kids each did an owl out of hearts... so cute. would anyone expect a different take for february?! not from me! haha.

So its been 6 weeks since christmas when the pups were born. which means its time we can give them away... mikes brother scott is taking the two grey twinners. one girl(the original one i wanted!). one boy.
mikes other brother karl, is taking mrs. chow looking one. :) haha.

its so wierd. they all have at least one black spot on their tongue like chows. some lots more than others.

If you know anyone who would like one- buy one, let us know. we are keeping a cute brown one- St. Nick. but we have 3 others up for grabs!

I've gotten 8 orders for headbands this week! (which totals in 12 since last week!) :) yay! & then yesterday i learned how to make a yo-yo & made harley a clip! its cute, if i do say so myself!

well, i'm staying busy although i typically only work AFTER work just one day! the crafts keep me busy. plus working out for over an hour every day after work!

um, sorry to kate & jill. you will not see a picture of me in this post. :)

hope all is well with you all. have a great weekend!
i'm off to clean!!!!


Mom said...

Your Valentine owl tree, etc. are so cute! You should have posted a picture! I'd like to see the yo-yo thing you're talking about. Way to go with the working out! Love you!

jill said...

i want to see pics of headbands!

and i want to see a pic of the bulletin board.

AND i want to see a pic of YOU still.

Tim and Amy said...

how fun! take a pic of your owl tree! that's super creative. glad you are getting orders in for your headbands. keep it up! :o)

and yes, you NEED to post a pic of you! i'd love to see you!

Traci said...

so fun! thanks for the flower! take a pic of the board w/the owls!! :)