the birth story...

Here I am on Monday September 17, 8:00 pm. The last belly shot! 39.4 weeks!

Here's Mike- just drank an energy drink on the way to the hospital- ready to be a dad! I love this picture!! We got to the hospital a bit early in hopes of seeing our friends Patrick & Kelli's baby, but they were in a discharge class, so we ended up signing in early. good thing too because it took some time for them to get us a room & for the lady to do the paperwork.

 Finally, they took us to room #3 in L&D about 5 after 9. 11:00pm they had me take cervydil to start thinning/softening...she checked me first & i was still 1cm dilated & she said MAYBE 80% thinned. I was showing contractions every few minutes before the pill...but i could actually feel them once i took it! they got stronger & stronger...and because i was contracting well- didn't need the 2nd dose at 3 am! Around 5-6 am i was in SO much pain with each contraction...i was crying. She tried giving me pain meds through my IV- and it didn't help at all! Gradually they got worse & i couldn't handle it...8 am, she had the anesthesiologist come in & do my Epidural! (HEAVEN SENT-kudos to all of you who do it natural) They called the Dr to make sure i could get the epidural...& she showed up right after to check me & break my water... She said i was 3 cm & 100% thinned. So then the waiting game...Traci, Amy & Mom all got there the same time as Dr Messer. So we all hung out while my EPI kicked in...strange feeling. Rotating every hour, half hour left side right side.straight. She checked me around 9:30 and i was a 5-6. She checked me at 12:00 and i was COMPLETE!! :) She called Dr. messer & in the mean time started having me practice push at about 12:30. It was easy & i was comfortable & calm! (again....epidurals are heaven sent for a girl who has 0 pain tolerance!) The nurse could already see her full head of hair!! Dr Messer showed up at about 12:40....and the real pushing started...on one side, the stirrup thing was broken & mike had to hold my leg up the whole time! (real nice) I pushed about 4 times with each contraction & she was out at 1:08 pm. 8 lbs 11 oz. 21 inches long!!! She has a FULL head of DARK gorgeous locks! :) they put her on my chest & it finally felt real. (& the fact that i was getting some stitches & had a little feeling made it feel real too! haha) I just couldn't believe i had just brought this sweet baby girl into the world! She was amazing. she had a tight grip on my finger right away! I loved it! Mike was AWESOME helping me throughout the whole thing!!
This picture is after her first bath- when one of the nurses gave her the first hair do! the faux hawk! After her bath she got to meet her Grandma Riggs- her birthday buddy. Glad we got to keep the tradition rolling. (my mom was born on her grandmas bday, my sister amy was born on our grandmas bday & now presley gets to share my mom & her great great grandmas bday!)
She got to meet her Aunt Amy too after! :) She got LOTS of love on her birthday!
Mom & traci brought me lots of yummy treats(that i couldn't have while prego!) & while She was getting her first bath...i enjoyed myself a cake pop while Dr. Messer was still in the room! After we were all settled...Amy was kind enough to bring us some real yummy food..Pei Wei! it was yummy & so nice to eat carbs for lunch!
We had Mikes sister Julie & her husband Greg to visit  & our niece Hannah was able to come as well! Then my brother Ryan & his family came to see her too! She's stealing everyones hearts! :) We love her so much!!


less than 48 hours...

It's still very surreal that she will be joining us so soon...the whole 9 months went by very fast.

Last appt was last tuesday- 2 days shy of being 39 weeks. U/S shows she is measuring about 8lbs. 15 oz.
Scheduled induction because of gestational diabetes...go in tomorrow night at 9 pm to start the process...then tuesday morning speed things up with pitocin & break my water!

we can't wait to meet this sweet girl who constantly kicks, punches, knees, & headbutts me! :) Hopefully she's a little sweet angel...after a rough pregnancy!! She was worth every headache, stomachache, barfing morning, and pain and ache.

Mike is super nervous but i know he will be a great dad!! I think it'll hit me tomorrow night on our way to the hospital that i'll leave there a momma!

Next post...baby girl!!


can't wait to meet my PJ girl

had my 38.5 week appt today! Crazy how time is flying. my last 2 appts, there was zero progress.

i had protien in my urine last week & my blood pressure was a tad high. so i had to do a 24 hr urine sample. (LAME) & i had already scheduled an U/S for today 2 weeks ago.

SO today...PROGRESS finally! all the cramps & aches...made progress! i'm at 1 cm & 80% thinned. YAY! She scheduled me to be induced early next week, because of gestational diabates- she doesn't like us to go over our due date! I had my U/S after my appt & baby girl was practicing her breathing & it was so amazing to watch her little belly. I got a cute picture of her nose/face & her hand covering her mouth the whole time! She's precious & i CANNOT wait to meet her! If i don't go into labor on my own...i'm scheduled to go in on Tues, September 18th at 3 pm! (my moms bday!) but chances are she won't come til the 19th.

anyways... we are excited & can hardly wait to meet this sweet girl!

they estimated her weight from the U/S to be 8 lbs. 15 oz.! lets hope its really 7 lbs 15 oz! haha


time is FLYING

I cannot believe how fast time is flying. I had my 33 week check up on wednesday! I am measuring right at 33cm!  She said she is head down, which explains the butt on my left side & feet on my right! haha. She said she was moving like CRAZY when she was trying to get her heartbeat, but it was loud and strong! I asked again about the rash i have on my chest & upper back, because last time she said it was fifths disease- i didn't believe it. SO i said, can you look at my back this time? She did & she thought at first ring worm or a staff infection, but then got the other dr, Michelle & she went and researched & decided it was pityriasis rosea. Most common in children, but occasionally in pregnant women! it CAN itch, but isn't a concern and can last anywhere from 6-12 weeks! i've already had it for 4! crazy. If it ain't one thing, its another! haha. On another note, my blood sugars have been AWESOME & i lost 3 lbs the first week i was on the diet. Dr. also said no lifting for me, so i start medical/maternity leave the first day of school!

Last weekend was my baby shower & it was AMAZING!! All the details and hard work & talent that went into it is SO appreciated! Thank you to my sisters & mom & Steph! it was magazine worthy! :) My wonderful family bought the travel system- i LOVE it. we got lots of other amazing things that were much needed! I was so grateful to all who came! it was good to see a lot of you i dont get to see very often! Love you all!  7 more weeks!!!

How far along? 33 weeks 2 days
Baby is as big as a? Pineapple, 17 in, 4.25 lbs.(appx)
Maternity clothes? yes, and some shirts are too tight now!
Sleep:toss, turn, toss, turn. achey!
Best moment this week: hearing her heartbeat on wednesday!
Most "pregnant" moment this week: barely getting off the floor yesterday while organizing her clothes!
Miss Anything? eating what i want, when i want- not worrying about the GD diet
Movement: YES, my tummy gets SO hard now
Food cravings: cold water, & everything i'm not allowed to eat

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope
Have you started to show yet: ha
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy & anxious & nervous
Looking forward to: baby coming!!


oh the joys

I had my 31 week appt this last tuesday. I got the results from my 3 hour glucose tolerance test. while walking into my room she said- welp, ya flunked yer test! :( i immediately cried. she told me its ok & if this is the worst thing that happens in my life i'm doing great! lol. uhh ok. & then i asked about my wierd spots on my chest, shoulder, and upper back & she said it looks like fifths disease. she said it happens sometimes in the last 10 weeks of pregnancy. err ok. if it gets worse i have to call. it seems to be staying the same for the last 2 weeks & apparently once you get the rash its past the contagious stage. (Fyi) So, i'm still awaiting the insurance approval for the dietician/GD specialist to be able to come to the house & bring me the glucose testing supplies.
my wonderful sister loaned me hers since she doesn't need it! I've tested my blood sugars yesterday & today & today its been between 77 & 107 all day. rock on! :) i did cut out soda...i know i know...i could hear your jaw drop- no dr. pepper here. or any of that other sugary goodness!! its only for 60 more days IF that---depending when this sweet presley decides to come! then i can go back to my regular diet. which will NOT be including daily soda. i will still continue to try & eat healthier! i'm SO thankful i haven't had migraines since stopping the dr. pepper. i haven't had soda since monday! woohoo! mike is trying to be good about not offering me sugary stuff. he forgets sometimes! lol. i hope i get an extra u/s out of this to check her weight, etc. since with GD its more common to have bigger babies. NO THANKS! :) as long as she is healthy i'll be happy! as long as i don't get anymore bad news...i'll be ONE HAPPY PREGO lADY! :)

can't wait for the baby shower this weekend! i can't wait to see all my family & friends!! i know my sisters & mom &steph have been working hard on planning it & i know its gonna be SO freakin cute!


maternity pics @ 30 weeks!

my wonderful sister Traci (oh snap! photos) did my maternity pics yesterday! we had the whole afternoon to play around- change outfits & backgrounds & she got SO many amazing shots! THANK YOU TRACI!! love you!

How far along? 30 weeks 4 days
Baby is as big as a? a Cabbage 15.7 inches 2.75 lbs
Maternity clothes? yup yup
Sleep:getting more uncomfortable!
Best moment this week: being done with the 3 hr. glucose test! (crossing my fingers i passed!)
Most "pregnant" moment this week: maternity pics :)
Miss Anything? a good nights sleep - i know say goodbye to sleep when the baby gets here.
Movement: yes- she is still crazy in there
Food cravings: cold water, sweets, junk, watermelon, waffles

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope- just the occasional headache
Have you started to show yet: ha
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy & anxious & nervous
Looking forward to: baby shower :)


3rd trimester. whaaaat?!

How far along? 27 weeks
Baby is as big as a? cauliflower 14.5 inches! appx 2 lbs!
Maternity clothes? oh yeah...
Sleep: besides getting up to pee- i sleep alright.
Best moment this week: mike feeling her moving for a good 15 minutes!
Most "pregnant" moment this week: barfing sunday
Miss Anything? not knowing what heart burn is
Movement: yes- she's moving like crazy in there & i LOVE watching my belly move
Food cravings: potatoes, cold drinks

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope- well the heat haha
Have you started to show yet: personally i think i look like i'm due!
Happy or Moody most of the time: stressing a bit- but happy!
Looking forward to: baby shower :) & finishing up the room- getting shelves up!
 i can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going...90 more days! seems unreal.

update on life: mike is moving to another shop to work for(with) a guy(&his brother) in our ward! he already does transmissions for them! it will be a good change & a little less stressful than being on his own!
Prices for onesies are going up monday!! Send the word out for people to place orders to keep me busy this summer! :) letters, onesies, yoyo's etc! :)


oh summer

how i loathe thee...

its gonna be a long hot summer! its already brutal & its only going to get worse! My plan is to do onesies/ hair stuff this summer- so help me spread the word! :) i've already had a few orders in the last month & i'm loving it! The baby room is done except the crib bedding! can't wait to see it all put together! i'm having too much fun. Mike has been super busy at work- which is a good thing! but i love it when we get a date night & actually get to spend quality time together! he works so hard & i appreciate it! its nice being off work right now & i can do the laundry & start cooking real meals for him :) haha.

my belly is getting bigger & bigger & i'll be 25 weeks on thursday! insane! time is flying by so fast! She's already stubborn & the second mike puts his hand on my belly after i tell him i can even SEE my belly move- she STOPS moving. but i feel her like crazy & its a strange feeling. i have my monthly check up on wednesday- which means weigh-in. thats always fun. i hadnt gained too much weight at my last appt on may 2nd! but i think i had a HUGE growth spurt- as i'm sure you saw the 24 week picture i posted on FB!

anyways... i'm trying to keep busy this summer- SO please refer your friends & family to Blueyedesign.blogspot.com or my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/mindy.r.hermann?ref=tn_tnmn & i have photo albums on there of all the product i've made! :) If you have baby showers to attend keep me in mind! :)


22 weeks

How far along? 22 weeks
Baby is as big as a? spaghetti squash! 11 in
( she was 1 lb 1 ounce. last week!)

Maternity clothes? yes. still
Sleep: its getting harder to get comfortable at night
Best moment this week:realizing its been over 2 weeks since i've thrown up in the afternoon! yay!
Most "pregnant" moment this week: losing money & going the wrong direction driving- 2 times!
Miss Anything? sleeping on my stomach
 Movement: yup! everyday shes moving. i can feel her above my belly button sometimes. its crazy
Food cravings:
 otter-pops, slurpees, sweets. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: brushing my teeth
Have you started to show yet:my belly is getting bigger by the day.
Gender prediction: this girl is great already!
Happy or Moody most of the time: moody the beginning of the week. i'll be honest. :)
Looking forward to: getting the room painted & the crib set up & the crib bedding done (thanks marsha!)

I had the level 2 u/s done last week & it was SO fun seeing her again. & seeing that the cysts were gone! yay. the calcium spot is still on her heart- but the dr. is not concerned! NO signs of genetic disorders & the blood work all came back negative! :) she even yawned during the u/s. but she NEVER stopped moving & flipping the whole time!


19.2 week belly

I'm so grateful to be blessed with this special little girl. I've had a fairly miserable pregnancy thus far. Still vomiting at 20 weeks isn't fun. and the headaches! but i'm tried not to complain too much because i know how many people want this experience- with or without the sickness! I'm definitely not one of those moms that could think about having 10 kids after experiencing all the sickness though. BUT- every kick and tumble she does makes me more and more grateful! After a bad day i usually have a good day & its easy to forget. Mike rubs my neck & head & feet for me when i'm feeling miserable & i couldn't be more grateful for him. The day after my last U/S i was at granny goose's house  & Dr. Messer herself called me to tell me a few things she saw. As a first-time-mom it freaked me out! She told me it was nothing to worry about but that she saw a shadow on the babies heart- but that it wasn't going to cause any problems. Then she said she saw some Cysts on the head, but that they could go away by 28 weeks. but because she saw BOTH these things, & because i had not done the early screening for genetic disorders- she suggested that i get the blood screening & a level 2 u/s! (when i got off the phone i went in to the room with gran  & just started balling- trying to tell her what the dr. said! oh hormones & FTM) SO i got in the next day for the Lab work & waited and waited to get the u/s set up! My monthly appt with Dr. Messer was on our Anniversary- May 2nd & i was anxious for the results. I didn't get in for the u/s in time - (due to their office not communicating with eachother! not the first problem i've had with that!) So she was at least able to give us the blood results- all NEGATIVE!! it was fabulous news! She said we can do the U/S still just to double check & make sure she looks good! :) So Tuesday i'll have that u/s & i'm SO excited to see my presley jane again!

Today Amy & i went and bought grey paint for the baby room & supplies- so when mike can- he will paint the rest of the room! Yesterday i went and bought fabric for the bedding & i'm SUPER excited for that to get done- thanks to BEANZ THINGZ on FB who is sewing it for me!

I'm grateful everyday for my baby & pregnancy & grateful i have a healthy baby growing.
CHEERS to being halfway done :)


my sweet presley jane

How far along? 19 weeks 2 days
Baby is as big as a? heirloom Tomato (6in)

Maternity clothes? yup!
Sleep: i sleep fairly well but i toss and turn
Best moment this week: Ultra-sound & seeing my baby girl!
Most "pregnant" moment this week: purchasing ANOTHER size bra haha
Miss Anything? having more energy
 Movement: yes- some flutters
Food cravings:
Changes day to day still- bean & cheese burrito lately 

Anything making you queasy or sick: no- its very random when i feel nauseous now 
Have you started to show yet: yes very much so! i look like i'm 7 mo. prego! haha
Gender prediction: its a girl! yay i found out at 17 weeks & confirmed on tues :)
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: next week- another u/s to see my baby girl in more detail & meet with the dr. for my monthly appt! 

I love my Presley Jane so much already its crazy! i worry about her & love feeling her moving, even if i barely feel it! (i have an anterior placenta so i can't feel her quite as much!) i can't believe i'm almost 1/2 way done! the first half FLEW by! i'm so excited for a little girl & i'm having fun planning her bedding & room! i love looking at the u/s's & looking at her cute profile & toesies & hands! she's cute already & i can't (yes i can) wait to see her in september!!

mike is busy working a lot & i go to bed early most nights! So it works out. we have our date nights & spend quality time together! he spoils me & he loves presley SO much already too!
i'll post my 19 week belly tomorrow :)


prego update

How far along? 15 weeks 2 days
Baby is as big as a? NAVEL ORANGE
Maternity clothes?
yes! one pair of pants still fit me comfortably- but i have maternity jeans now :)

Sleep: i sleep pretty well at night! i'm EXHAUSTED at the end of the day!

Best moment this week: waking up without a headache this morning & feeling rested! (after going to sleep at 4 pm yesterday with a migraine!
Most "pregnant" moment this week:  buttoning my pants back up while walking into the store :)
Have you told family and friends: yup! everyone knows
Miss Anything?
the rest of my clothes & sleeping on my tummy
Food cravings:
Changes day to day- kfc mashed potatoes were a fav until i threw them up! :)

Anything making you queasy or sick: diapers at work- yes. but i'm just nauseous all day if im not snacking or drinking something!

Have you started to show yet:
A little bump- yes. i feel like i was at the "just look fat" stage for a while...
Gender prediction: everyone thinks girl & we are hoping girl- but i have a feeling boy
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: my ob appt tues & hearing the heartbeat again! & 3 more weeks & find out if its a boy or girl! :)


heart beats....boom boom boom

we had our appt with dr. messer on wednesday & we got to hear the little babies heartbeat & it took her a second to find it but when she did...the swoosh swoosh sound was beautiful! 150 bpm! got all our little questions answered!

i also had my cardiology appt last week & that went well! everything looks good! stress test is good as well as the echocardiogram! yay! just said i have a high heart rate....resting at 105! :) thankfully my sis jill has this same thing- all the time! i just didn't know my baseline so they needed to make sure all was well with my heart. & i have to continue checking my blood pressure 2-3 times a week- but its been REALLY good :)

we won't find out if its a boy or girl til middle to end of april! but that will come FAST i know it. i can't believe i'm 3 months pregnant already.

i've grown out of most my jeans- super uncomfortable when buttoned but i haven't gained any weight yet! :) its fun buying maternity clothes though- so i wont complain!

i'm happy to say we have our names picked out either way, but for the few of you who DON'T know what they are---- i'll keep it a secret til we know what we are having!

I posted on FB & now everyone knows- if they understood the picture & caption with the Mini M&M :)

my next post will be about my trip to MICHIGAN! yay!!! its been 3 years since i've been there! i cannot wait!



Ok- so there really isn't a whole lot to update because my follow up appt with the cardiologist isn't til next thursday! & i didn't really get any explanation of the blood test results other than my T3 is a little high, something with the thyroid- i dont know numbers or anything. So i just have to wait- for the results from the stress test, echocardiogram & blood work.

Then on March 6th i have my 12 week appt with the actual Dr! i'm excited for that- i've met her before, since she delivered my 4 nieccs- but this will be nice!

My morning sickness is still going & knock on wood- hoping it ends at 12 weeks!

Then i'm going with my mom to MICHIGAN for spring break to visit my big sis JILL! SO excited fot that trip & crossing my fingers & toes that i wont be throwing up at that point! :) 10 weeks today! yay



Had my appt. with the cardiologist today!
had an EKG done.

heart rate is high. he said my heart sounds strong & good.

tomorrow i have a stress test & echocardiogram.

then blood work for thyroid & cholesterol, etc.- the stuff the OB doesn't usually test for. (they are checking before i get the labs done)

he told me to eat less carbs & to try to eliminate sugar from my diet. & to eat every two hours instead of big meals 3 times a day- to split up the carbs from making my heart rate high. OH & i have to take my blood pressure 2 times a day- at random times 3 days a week- so i can show him at my next appt on March 1st!

wish me luck at my stress test tomorrow! :S


m&m mini....

There's an M&M mini growing in my belly.
 i'm 6 weeks & we got to hear the heartbeat today!
We are pretty excited!! Sept. 20th is my due date!

p.s. not posting anything on FB yet, so please keep comments on here or in messages :)


end of week 1

Weight loss at the end of week 1: 4 lbs! woohoo!
resting heart rate- still high (hopefully nothing to worry about since sister & apparently mom have a high (resting) heart rate as well!
blood pressure: good!

Richard simmons is incredible. & i ran a half mile today!(for those of you who run- don't laugh!) woot woot!

i feel great after working out & i've been trying to eat healthier! picked up some more salad at the store today & popcorn for a snack! i've been drinking LOTS more water which i think is also helping me feel better! I weighed in today & was the same as friday- he said that was good for coming back from a weekend! that made me feel good! :)

life is good. :)


weight loss

(Warning- this is my journaling my weightloss program & workout)
2012 is the year of change for me.
 time to get healthy.
 i've procrastinated eating healthy & exercising for far too long.
but here i am- weighing much more than i did when i got married. but more than just weighing more- i've felt more unhealthy. but i am here now- in the present & changing my life. on November 30th 2011- i got in a car accident- which led me back to my chiropractor. he told me i'd start working out last week. & last wednesday- he was having me do my arm workouts when i told him i had ordered the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred! he then told me he could do it. Soooo...i ran. i ran for the first time in...hmmm 4 years? it was SUCH a breeze. i had a coughing attack when we were done- but i was sick previously. then we did the richard simmons 7 minute ab workout. it is a KILLER ab workout. each day for 7 days- is a different ab workout & you do it for 7 weeks- or forever. :) i was feeling GOOD leaving there. & then thursday- i was SORE. Friday i went back- & i had my first weigh in...i didn't even want to tell him what the scale said. But i must say- thats the boost i needed to kick it into high gear! He took my blood pressure & heart rate. heart rate was high. (105) he was a little worried about that. well- after seeing the scale- i was ready to RUN. each day i go there we run down the street- each day going one more street light & back. So we ran- & this time my body was sore & it was HARD. then we did day 2 richard simmons video. He copied the video onto my ipod so i could continue the 7 day workout over the weekend! Saturday Amy & Traci came over & we did the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred! I could NEVER be on the biggest loser. Idk how they do it. she kept saying on the video- "i know you wanna quit and its hard- but you have to keep going- don't quit!" i think amy & traci will agree it was a hard workout! But we did our best. Then i did the day 3 RS ab workout! That man is Sassy & gives out a MEAN ab workout! but i can definitely feel it working! by saturday night my body was hurting all over. Even though its sunday- i continured the 7 minute RS ab workout! I'm not sure if it's getting harder each day or if its because i'm more sore each day. I've been adding more inspiration to my pinterest board to continue my great attitude about losing this "comfort weight". i say that because when i got married- i got too comfortable with eating out & not exercising. i don't feel good about my body & i'm ready for a big change. i'm ready to eat healthier & feel healthier! So here is to 2012- a year of change!!
This man- he is far more fierce that he is sassy!

my goal: lose 30 pounds.