what have i been up to?

Ok besides re-doing our kitchen...for the last few months i was planning and preparing for my sisters baby shower! Right when she found out she was prego i said I AM THROWING YOUR SHOWER! woot woot! i was so excited! why? because i had found www.amyatlas.com months and months ago, and fell in love!
once she found out it was a girl, and planned her room colors i was ready to start. Amyatlas always has SOME type of background for her tables...candy bags on the wall, material, flags, always something. so i thought to myself... a clothes line, with onesies that are the colors of the shower! so each time i went to the store, i'd buy a few.
THEN...i was set on doing really cute cupcakes like amyatlas has. but they had to be gluten free...so traci found Betty Crockers Devils food Chocolate cake mix! tried it out, and she liked it (actually they turned out better when my mom and i made them for the shower :)
My friend Brooke decorates cakes, so i called her to help me make Buttercream frosting & of course, frost them. Also, my sister amy found Lime green/white polka dot cupcake holders(the things you bake them in! Third part of the cupcakes? The white chocolate button on top! I searched and finally found www.bakeitpretty.com and that is where i bought my vintage buttons mold & button sucker mold!
Next task? I found lime green tins at the dollar spot at target! I found The cupcake stand holders at walmart! I needed scoops for each of the candys, ya know i wanted to be like amyatlas! Finally found those at Walmart, 3 pack, 3 different sizes.

I must say...NO ONE WANTED TO TOUCH THE CUPCAKES...did they look TOO cute to eat? haha. We made 54 cupcakes...how many were left that evening? 37. oh phoowee. haha. traci is probably still enjoying them!
Next, a ice bucket...i had sonic ice so i needed something to put it in! VUALA...Joanns had these summery ice buckets w/scoop! Just added the colored ribbon & it matches!

Last but not least...the present table had these two things on it, a refurbished diaper cake...new ribbon & some pretty fresh gerbera daisies! & a BIG H for Harley!
Thanks to those who brought stuff for the shower & helped with the cupcakes! woot woot!
it was a success. if i do say so myself!!


before & After....

BEFORE: (this is 2 days after we moved in, don't mind the mess)

AFTER: this is on July 25.

these sweet decals are from Etsy, i ordered them when we first got the house, but we JUST did the cabinets black last week, so i finally got to put them on! yay!)

Did i mention My sister tracis brother&sisterinlaw Dan & kirstie gave me 2 gallons of this blue paint for FREE?! yeah. i'm lucky! (thank you thank you!!!)

I have been slowly collecting plates from Anthro, the two on the left are from there. the one on the right, hobby lobby. i have 2 more i need to hang up, one from germany my grandma west gave me & another one from Anthropology.

pics of my table and chairs, soon to come!


soon to come,,,

pictures of my tables and chairs.

my cabinets are the next project, i will be doing those this week, sanding, staining & putting my rub-ons on em!

um, we put up curtains in our front room. and on the back door.

we put in a cool divider door between the kitchen & the addon room.

i've been planning my sisters baby shower. and i love it. i hope it all turns out the way i've pictured in my mind.

my inspiration came from amyatlas.com so when you come, you can tell me how i did!

Fun fun fun.

life is good. i'm ready to get back to a set schedule at the school in august! Couple of the kids i've been working with have been out of town! So i've had a lot of days off! (i'm not complaining)

:) love you all. after the shower i'll post lots of pics!!! so you can see my kitchen!