smiles all around.

reasons to smile:

-my spots are fading. yay.

- i hung up my b.e.d. in my scraproom.
- look what we accomplished today!!! {kate came to help me & give me paint she wasn't using!}

{i found this wall decal on etsy, for appx $65. i thought to myself, i can do this. i can. so i did. & kate helped! woot woot!}

{blue in this picture is not the actual blue. flash makes it appear brighter & more blue.}

{its actually like a tealish. :)}

call me, pay me, and i'll do it! :) haha.
ok ok... tape it. paint it. remove tape. its that easy!!! ;)


70 spots of red.

i'm not laughing. {this is a bad way to start off the year!}

last sunday morning, getting ready to take a shower before church & i FREAK...i see red spots. i run into mike & show him, then i see my BACK covered in red spots. well, i started thinking i had the chicken pox. i got the vaccine so i never had them as a child. i ended up going to the dermatologist first thing monday morning. he knows what it is RIGHT when he sees it.

he asked me...hot tub? i sadly grumbled, yesss. he then replied, you have hot tub folliculitis.
{i mean really, they couldn't come up with a better name?!}

we were given a hot tub from a friend. we were really excited to get it working. we got it treated with chemicals and all.
WELL...we all got in last thurs. good times. until sunday rolled around. YIKES!

{Folliculitis begins as a red, tender area at or near the base of one or more strands of hair. It turns into a small, raised area of skin that contains pus (pustule) and often itches or burns. When these pustules break open, they may drain pus and/or blood.

The pustules that develop with deep folliculitis are usually larger, more painful, and longer-lasting than those from mild (superficial) folliculitis. Deep folliculitis can also lead to other skin infections that generally cause more pain and discomfort, such as a boil (furuncle) or carbuncle. Carbuncles may also cause a fever and make you feel ill.

"Hot tub folliculitis" typically appears about 72 hours after you have been in a hot tub or spa. Many small pustules appear on your torso and sometimes your arms and legs. You may have a mild fever and feel ill. This type of folliculitis usually goes away on its own within 7 to 10 days.}

THIS IS A FRIENDLY REMINDER. if you plan on hot tubbing this winter, make sure there is enough chlorine, in a neighborhood hot tub, in a friends, AND in your own!

sorry if i grossed you out. just thought i'd inform the public of something i had never heard of.



thats my word for this year.

if anyone knows me...knows i take things seriously.

this year i'd like to breathe in & release all this tension...this seriousness, and simply laugh.
{yes, i realize it is not always appropriate & i will hold back when needed.}

laugh when it hurts.

laugh when i wanna cry.

laugh when kids at school can be frustrating.

laugh when my meal doesn't turn out right.

laugh when mikes joke is funny.

laugh while i'm singing in my car.

laugh when someone makes a frustrating move on the road.

laugh when things don't seem to go my way.

laugh because i finally have more room to move around, decorate and walls to have my laugh reverberate.

laugh because thats where those great wrinkles on our faces come from.

laugh because it also helps with weightloss. {i realize other action needs to be taken, just laughing will not do}

laugh. its a good idea. haha.