yes, thats where you can find us.

i will post more pics once we've:
hung up pictures
painted the table
reupholster the chairs
and paint the cabinets & wall



yes yes. i'm a thief. stealing WiFi!

ok ok. LOVING being in a house. i have pictures of us on christmas morning with our christmas tree {that i put up on christmas eve}. we look drunk...or really tired from moving. [its the latter of the 2}

well...we went this morning & cleaned up the old guest house. took a bunch of stuff to goodwill. {mikes friend spencer thought we were just going to fili b's for breakfast, but we conned him into helping us for 2 1/2 hours packing more & cleaning it all up!}

we gave the keys back & will miss the nice family there.

mike has fixed the washer that leaked everywhere. he replaced the stoves plug because it was the wrong one to connect to the wall. he's pretty handy. really. my family knows this...since he helped my parents move & traci move too.

once i get pics from traci i'll post em. or she will haha.

but SWEET diddy...we have a HOUSE!!! :)


last post...

in this guest house!!!

you said WHAT?! woot woot!!!

finallllllly got the key.

happy lady right here!!!
now if i could snap my fingers & be moved that'd be fab!

soooooo...ladies and gentlemen...thanks for crossing your fingers for us! it worked!

merry christmas to us.


jingle bells. title lady smells.

ok. ok. i'm a little disappointed. {times that by 15}

still haven't gotten the key yet. i know i know right?

we signed on monday. the lame lady at the title company said we weren't supposed to close till today...so she hadn't faxed the stuff over as of wed. well mike. mitch{FHA guy} & martin {our realtor} called over there to tell her we were supposed to close LAST friday.

well she faxed the stuff over around ONE today!!! so when the bank got it...it was too late for us to get the key today.

so its the title lady that smells.

so...you can guess why i'm mad? christmas is next week. i bought my amazing ornaments like a month ago. i bought a super sweet door mat. and if we got the key today...we'd have lots of help moving in tomorrow.

now? not so. monday we will probably get the key...mike works. mon. tues. 1/2 wed.
so we will be moving nights. unless i have volunteers to help take car loads with me...since i'm off work for the next two weeks! haha. and people work all day.

any ladies with trucks and strong arms? ahem....traci??

on a lighter note...school today was fun. busy, but fun. the sweet aids & teacher i work with gave me some sweet gifts. like an ELEPHANT ornament...homemade cookies...a uber cute scarf...morrree homemade cookies....and our little guy ian...brought us each a gift from victoria secret...don't be alarmed...his mom got us each slippers! haha.

ANYWAYS....i have several new posts over at blueyedesign. i realize most people are done christmas shopping...but holiday parties don't end with christmas....how bout a gift for the new years party host? birthdays coming up? baby showers? weddings?{i gave a big J to a friend of ours for their wedding that matched their kitchen, they LOVED it!} head over to the site...more than 4 letters? i'll make you a deal!


bite me.

don't be fooled.

i got bit today at work. {just thought it would catch your attention with the title of the post, so i could get many readers & business for the rest of this post!}

i just have a lump and a small bruise. and of course...it wasn't a bite out of anger towards me...just happened because of anxiety, frustration, and sadness. i almost cried on my way to the nurses office as i thought about how confused that child is. and i was shocked it happened. by no means was he trying to hurt me though. thats not like any of our kids.

anyways... we aren't moving in this weekend. i'm reallly hoping for monday or tuesday.
well at least i can pack all day tomorrow now. ugh.

ok....christmas is coming SOON! please send out the word about Blueyedesign!!!
more pics will be posted this weekend...of the round letters & of the BIG BIG letters!!!

i will be doing a deal for 5 or more letters! pass the word along!

p.s. i love my job. i love the people i work with. i love all the kids in our classroom more than anything!!! {one of our newer children is moving to rhode island on tues. & yes. i am quite bummed}



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Eight things I am passionate about: christ. mike. friends. crafting. my job. family. music. eating.

Eight words or phrases I use the most: oh blessed day! i love you! are you kidding? k? {after many phrases to check if mike is following...} oh wow. oh my gosh! toodles! holy crap.

Eight things I want to do before I die: have kids, move into my house, learn to be a better person, and a better wife, have more kids, go to another country, not be so nervous in a new environment, eat something new. {we'll save that for when i'm dying}

Eight things I need right now: chocolate, money, paint, pack, clean the kitchen, to clean our room, PACK, finish some letters{wood}.

Eight places I want to visit: CO{amy} MI{jill}, switzerland{world report}, england {the amazing accents} New York, Australia {accents/animals} france, hawaii...i guess.

Eight favorite restaurants: Texas Roadhouse, applebees, Subway, Pei Wei, Chipotle, Sonic, little caesars, red robin

Eight TV shows I watch: ANTM, Stylista, news, what not to wear, hannah montana, thats so raven, king of queens, did i mention we dont have cable? haha.

Eighth folder, Eighth picture:
i tag: jill. amy. traci. lindsay.


its up.

Blueyedesign is UP! :) click on the link on the right.

if you want to post the link on your page... email me & i'll get you the
more examples will be put up soon, including the Large letters!

please notice: pictures taken by kate lines.
where? my families old house. the one i grew up in. lived in for almost 20 years. love those bricks. i hate driving by and knowing i cant go inside. but this was a nice way of bringing it into the blog.


we should be moving in next week.

i have to pack still. everything.

i have a creative mess in the front room from doing lots of these letters.
{i am beyond thrilled to have a scrapbook room when we move}

OH OH. almost forgot. i got a SEWING MACHINE. yes yes. an old one. from my sisters- mother-in-law. i was so excited!!!

one more thing. i got a new phone. after three years. my first phone finally quit on me yesterday. wouldn't even turn on for more than 2 minutes. i got the enV2 :) yesssss.
p.s. like the new header? thank you jill!!!