7 days down...

a bagillion to go.

i am the new full time Elder Family Nanny.

bye bye old nanny.

well, i was originally supposed to work 2 weeks, and then a few days a week for the month of july, until their previous nanny started nursing school. and then she would be my backup nanny.

now this is not the case. the twins spilled the beans about the nanny disciplining the 2 1/2 yr old in ways the parents specifically said not to.

anyways...i'm THE nanny now. and the kids love me. well more than the previous anyways.

so. things are going well. i'm gonna make lots of money & hoping to go visit the Scripps in august at some point. or maybe september. but i WILL get there.
but i dont have a backup nanny now :S

SO...i'm really excited! It's pretty easy...i've got the 10 am naps down to an art.
and i sing Do a Dear a female deer....etc SO many times a day. and ABC's & Twinkle Twinkle, & struggling to make up a 123 song.

They are the cutest kids. notice i didn't say THE cutest kids, just the. big difference.

no t.v. allowed. all organic food. {does anyone know me?} umm. no using the microwave. all bottled water. dishes. cooking. reading. playing. teaching. singing. laughing. coloring. {did i mention she asks for Oh oh oh? Shania Twain. yes, we sing & dance to shania twains oh oh oh song...daily. love it.}

its going well. all except i'm STARVING at the end of each day. haha.

Here's the song i chose to fit this post. jill- its my babysitting song.



yup. 2 more days still i start my job nannying.

it went well on saturday when mike and i went so he could meet the parents & i could meet the cute kiddos! and they are CUTE!

i will be:

watching, caring, tending, feeding, teaching, and loving 2 super cute kids. they have the prettiest blue eyes (she reminds me a tad of sage)

SO...i'm really excited to be DOING SOMETHING now. and MAKING MONEY. and DOING WHAT I LOVE.

i'm stoked.

so although i wouldn't have minded working at UOP and getting free school...i wouldn't have been doing what i love.

so WOOHOO for nannying.

i'm thrilled.


complacent && confident

it feels good. really.

i found a nannying job.

a 2 1/2 yr. old girl. && a 8 mo. old boy. they are adorable. {she emailed me pics}

i met with the parents on tues. && they are lovely people. {it was the first time i wasn't nervous in an interview. i think that helped a lot.}

mike && i will probably go meet with the whole family on saturday.

playing with kids sounds lovely.

mmm. making money sounds lovely.

making double money sounds incredible.

its like being a mom...and still getting to go home.

i'm really excited. this family went through 60+ emails. 4 interviews. and narrowed it down to me & another girl. and they want to meet mike & i. and she already told me the days she needs me over the summer.

yeahhh buddy. it feels good.

i wanted to do something i love. and what do i love more than children? cute children.

i'll let you know how saturday goes with meeting the family.
side note:the pic up top...is the one i sent to her. so she could put a face to the name & know i wasn't a freak.
{photo by: traci washburn}


mmm YES

a productive day.

yeahhh thats right. MINDY -- had a productive day. thank you.

and it feels good.

i woke up at 7:45. took mike to work. yeah i know i'm a great wife. paha. not. (he is working on the ranger tranny & selling his Ford)

THEN...i came home & got dressed for reals. (you know, job searching clothes...slacks & a nice shirt)

and then i went to my parents house. they left this morning for good ol' san diego, so the house was vacant.

and i printed off a few resumes. found my letters of recommendation, etc. {and YES mom i forgot to leave the camera cord & cd -->oops}

then i took my starving husband some lunch. and his other co-workers & boss. hmmf. (good think little caesars is cheap!)

SO. then i went to try & put some checks in the bank. but to my dismay. Jon wasn't working. our friend, who could put mikes checks in for me. ugh.

THEN. i had to go and get my emissions tested. yup 27 something dollars. hate that. but woohoo for saving the air. GO GREEN! {did i mention i hate almost everything that is green. food that is. ugh. just a side note guys. sorry. but i am a hippy & i like wearing shirts like DO YOUR PART & Save the World} mmhmm. yeah mike calls me his hippy wife.

SO anyways...that got awkward...sorry bout that.

THEN. i went to Gilbert Pediatrics. i thought i knew where it was. but had to call traci to the rescue on her comp. and i found it. {just in time too. 2:05. suzanne ;maughans- look at her cute baby...my friend who suggested the job- would be there at 2:10 for her new babies appt. So. i got to see her cute new baby & pic up the job application. wooh.}

alright. i have a headache now. so i'm done. i need h2O.
have a lovely evening. and go enjoy your green veggies you all love so well.