birthday family!!! :)

happy birthday ryan!
happy birthday tim!
happy birthday MIKE my love!!!
happy birthday jim!
and... well happy birthday scott next week!

sorry for my lack in blogging. i really would post WAY too often{is that possible} if i DID have the internet! but as you all know we steal WiFi & well they finally locked it. too bad.

i guess its time to spend some money & just get the internet.

update on our lives:
-work is great. hope to have a job next year. really.
-mikes work is great. just bought a mercedes benz an 85'. {imagine me rolling my eyes HERE}
-we both got callings a few months ago in our semi-new ward. i'm a beehive advisor & he's a priests advisor! fun fun!
-umm gracie {the pup} is getting bigger and bigger. still so fun.
- so life is good. staying busy. walking with kate after school most days. gave up soda & fast food. 1 cheat day a week.
-anyways...have a great day! or week. or month haha.