my sweet presley jane

How far along? 19 weeks 2 days
Baby is as big as a? heirloom Tomato (6in)

Maternity clothes? yup!
Sleep: i sleep fairly well but i toss and turn
Best moment this week: Ultra-sound & seeing my baby girl!
Most "pregnant" moment this week: purchasing ANOTHER size bra haha
Miss Anything? having more energy
 Movement: yes- some flutters
Food cravings:
Changes day to day still- bean & cheese burrito lately 

Anything making you queasy or sick: no- its very random when i feel nauseous now 
Have you started to show yet: yes very much so! i look like i'm 7 mo. prego! haha
Gender prediction: its a girl! yay i found out at 17 weeks & confirmed on tues :)
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: next week- another u/s to see my baby girl in more detail & meet with the dr. for my monthly appt! 

I love my Presley Jane so much already its crazy! i worry about her & love feeling her moving, even if i barely feel it! (i have an anterior placenta so i can't feel her quite as much!) i can't believe i'm almost 1/2 way done! the first half FLEW by! i'm so excited for a little girl & i'm having fun planning her bedding & room! i love looking at the u/s's & looking at her cute profile & toesies & hands! she's cute already & i can't (yes i can) wait to see her in september!!

mike is busy working a lot & i go to bed early most nights! So it works out. we have our date nights & spend quality time together! he spoils me & he loves presley SO much already too!
i'll post my 19 week belly tomorrow :)