i got this pitcher/vase at hobby lobby 50% off like a month ago.. it was sitting empty on my coffee table until today, when i went to the grocery store & saw the perfect flowers.  now it brings an even bigger smile to me. owls alone make me smile...

mike looked at the book shelf & said... "and whennnn did you get THAT owl?" hehe. umm a few weeks ago... along with the one on the shelf above that. :) both of them for a total of 7 buckaroos. yep i'm a bargain shopper. and an owl lover. enjoy that picture.



2 posts in the same month?! i know... i'm goin a little crazy!

but i wanted to tell you all to look at
 i posted the name i did for my good friends brooke and jay johnson... for their baby girl who is due in like 2 weeks!

so go look!

& that's all folks. :)


crafting & colds.

my headbands are selling at the PINK salon by ASU.  I need to take another loot over SOON & collect my money for the ones i've sold :) its fun.

i just did some fun nursery letters for my friend brooke johnson- her baby Hadlie! so cute. When she hangs them up i'll steal a picture from her! The babies room is ADORABLE!

I did a onesie for her too with an H on it. But of course i forgot to take a picture! oops. looks like i'll be bugging her for that too! haha.

Well... i'm feeling under the weather- thurs when i got off work (5:30ish) and got home... i started to really feel like JUNK. {i knew it was coming... mike had gone camping 2 weeks ago with his buddy, and his friend had this nasty head cold/flu thing. well 4 days later...MIKE got it... lasted like 5 days &  he missed a few days of work!!} then...it took a week for it to hit me! i woke up so many times in the night thurs night... i SNORED. felt so bad! haha. & i complained allll night. The beginning of the school year & ALREADY got sick. blah. the girl i worked with (student) was sick all weekend (last weekend) fever and all.

I am gonna be in the PECAN CREEK BOUTIQUE again this year! SO exciting.
When: Saturday, November 20, 2010

Time: 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Where: Pecan Creek South Neighborhood

I'm gonna sell Rosette headbands, rosette clips w/headbands, probably some bows, Onesies with a variety of designs & my book of wood letters i've done so people can order! :) hoping to roll in more MULA than i did last year!