Here are some songs i really love.

I have one of his Cds... LOVE IT.

i want the yellow piano...


a-z of me.

Got this from Brooke Whites blog. she is so full of personality, love checking her blog.
this was REALLY hard to do. honestly. try it!

A- artsy

B- blueyed

C- Cautious

D- determined

E- Encouraging

F- fifth

G- gentle

H- Helpful

I- imaginative

J- joyful

K- kind

L- Love

M- married

N- neat

O- obedient

P- plain
Q- Quiet

R- responsible

S- sensitive

T- thrify

U- unique

V- vivacious

W- warm

X- xray

Y- youth

Z- zeany



Alright ladies and Gents... its time that we find shooter a new home. we love him, but we just can't have 3 dogs. its too much! Here he is... right behind his momma gracie... they look EXACTLY alike. So cute. anyways... Male, 6 mo.- just needs a good home with lots of attention and a place to run around!!! :) tell your friends & family.