oh what a life.

ok. first off...we went to a pumpkin carving party on monday night with a bunch of friends. we had a potato bar & then it was off to the pumpkin carving fun. we had bought two pumpkins & then mike decides he has never done it before & doesn't really care to do his.

well i decided what better to do than an ELEPHANT! So i marked out my elephant & then instead of doing the outline...or cutting out the whole elephant....i did this:

with a cute star on its bum!
{i apologize for the crappy picture...it was taken with my phone.}
on friday i will be SURE to take a picture of mike & i dressed up. promise.

work is going great & we move in ONE MONTH! woot woot!

have a happy halloween week!

EDIT: sorry mike did end up carving his pumpkin...& did a smiley face & then added a mustache with permanent marker haha. it was a funny one. didn't take a pic of his. sorry.



everything is fine.

house inspection went well.

but as for painting my house. with suggestions & honest opinions...i have decided to start checking the OOPS paint at home depot. until i find a color i like.

at $5 a gallon. {so jill says} how could i go wrong?

i figure i could find a cool, random color for my scraproom.
then a natural, yet different, color for the kitchen.

p.s. i wore my boots to work & didnt realize how much attention i was drawing...no no..not from the look...from the sound of walking on the hard floors there. principal even looked down at me to see what was bringing about that abnoxious noise while we were walking & said....nice boots.

p.p.s. tonight we will be going to a few halloween parties. i am a flower & mike is a bee. i will surely post as soon as i get my hand on the camera cord. i think mike will look funny. are you picturing him right now? headband with little antennas? with those tiny pom poms at the ends? & i made him a stinger. oh boy.

yeah...i'm sure you're laughing if ya pictured that. haha.

enjoy your night.



ok. amy asked for details of the house. so i'll expand...just a house sounds kinda bland.

It is a white house with a dark greenish trim. built in '84.

3 bedroom/2 bath.

vaulted ceiling in front living room.

29x9 family room. {this was an add on}

kitchen has new corion[sp?} countertops & sink. needs cupboards painted. desperately.

LAUNDRY ROOM! i'm so thrilled to have a room for our washing machine & hook up for our dryer. [right now our washing machine is hooked up in the kitchen & our dryer is covered in our front room...ugh]

2 car garage. mikes requirement.

rv gate. mikes requirement.

Pergula in the back yard...i know i spelled that wrong.

fire pit. its old. and kinda ghetto.

so there you are with details.

ok. so i realize i have 1.5 months left before we move in but i need your opinion.

kitchen: dishes are all black & white. we will have a black kitchen table. we have one wall to paint in the kitchen. it has a white chair rail---
& i have a big clock {it says Hermann clock company} i will hang in that area too...above the table.

so should i paint the top half this color or the bottom half?

Next: My scrapbook room :) i am going to do this design myself:

now i will only be painting one wall in that room i think--- should it be this color?Keep in mind the colors will be Sabrina Ward Harrison theme- my art & her book pages framed. & my dandelion on that wall. (i'm not really a green kind of person...color wise...but open to blues) so any suggestions?

i am also wondering if i should paint the big 29x9 room...if so what color? my couch is brown, with funky green & burnt orange pillows with off white designs on them{ikea}. mustard yellow 5. ect.

oh and check Kates Blog for our craft day we had on monday.


decorate. then leave.

so i finally got my pictures up on the wall...my little wall collage of frames- my 5. and my H. got my big sweet clock hung up on the wall. cleaned the kitchen/bathroom floors. figuring since we hadn't heard back on that house that we might be here for a while.

not so.

today. things changed. we have a contract on the house. closing date: nov.30.
{if the nannying people could just email the check to my lawyer.now would be a good time}

who is extremely thrilled and ecstatic? me.
who wants a new table pronto? me.
who wants to buy decorations & paint? me.
who wishes it was tomorrow? me.

mike said when we got married "i wanna be in a house within 6 months"
may. june. july. aug. sept. oct. NOV. pretty dang close.

time flew by a TAD quickly. oh i could just jump for joy.

if anyone knows of a cute kitchen table/chairs someone is getting rid of....or very very cheap. please inform me. && couches. coffee table.
(i have a bachelor pad one - i hate it, i can't even paint it and make it look good & it only fits 2)

i'm helping kate paint their new place on monday. and helping her move some stuff over.
that will be so fun.

anyways. check back soon for pics of my 5. blanket. && wood board i did in MI.



accomplishing what?

.pictures finally on the wall. check.

.clean bathroom/kitchen floors finally. check.

.clean front room. in process.

.clean bedroom. to be done.

.pick up all articles of clothing. including shoes. to be done.

.attempt to take couch to goodwill. wanted to be gone long ago.

.take other random junk to goodwill. tomorrow.

.grocery shopping because we have no food. tomorrow.

.exercise because i'm gaining weight. pronto.

.make l.o.n.d.o.n. wood letters and decorate. this weekend. {for john & savannahs baby}

.print pictures of michigan & all wedding pictures. this month.

.have mike clean his "airplane" space. never gonna happen.

well i take things one at a time. for you multi taskers {as oprah likes to call it} i'm not like you.

.Tagged by Kelli. now.

6 QuIrKs.... 6 FrIeNds....

1. i'm so organized any place but home.
2. i eat ketchup with way too many things.
3.i can't stand when people chomp gum. or slurp cereal.
4. i have to match. but i'm slowly coming out of this phase.
5. sadly i pick out peoples spelling errors. sorry friends. and family.
6. when i get in a cleaning mood; i just HAVE to clean. its a feeling i love. because its a rare occasion.

now i tag: jill. amy. traci. laura. suzanne. micah.