life & crafts

alright ladies& gents!!! On November 21st, its a saturday... there will be a boutique sale! In Queen Creek...& i will be selling BOWS & taking orders for letters! :) & of course there will be lots of crafty ladies & gents there selling crafts of all sorts!

When: Saturday, November 21, 2009
Time: 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Where: Pecan Creek South Neighborhood

i'm excited! i'll remind you all too when it gets closer!

SO life? its good. busy. busy. busy. church callings, family, friends, WORK WORK WORK...yup, we are busy.

i'll try and post sooner than later. :)
p.s. look at BLUEYEDESIGN please?


happy fall.

hello friends.

sorry for neglecting you for so long.
we still don't have the internet. i'm lazy & trying to find a time when they can set it up & mike home to help me? not possible! we are too busy!

life is going fine these days. just working working working.
starting week after next ill be picking up more hours at my 2nd job. (i do respite for any of you that didnt know that!) The boy i work with is also in our SPICE class at school.

my beautiful sister traci had her baby girl on August 31! Harley Paige Washburn
& my Brothers wife also had a baby just a few weeks before traci did! Annie Grace Riggs!
Both such precious beautiful babies! so fun!

I starting making hair clips! :) woot woot! Traci wanted me to make a bunch for harley, now her sister n law wants some, & a lady at work! :) yay. I made myself some too! i'll try & take pictures & post them, (dont count on it any time soon!) Flower, button, and bow clips!

ummm...my puppy is doing well & as cute as ever!!!
i finally painted my guest bathroom! Brown stripes on the bottom half & a tree/cherry blossomish design with Grey background on the top half! yay.

know anyone having a baby? need a gift? LET ME KNOW! Baby name wood letters? bow clips?
head over to blueyedesign.blogspot.com!!!!

have a great day. enjoy the nice cool air.