we got the internet everyone!!! be proud. woot woot! therefore, i will be posting more now :)
Our Gracie had her puppies on christmas!!! they are growing so fast & all their eyes opened this week. here are a few pictures:
Gracie. christmas morning. (queensland heeler/australian shephard mix)
Mufasa. the dad. (german shephard/chow mix.)
Gracie & 7 puppies.
I was at my parents house around 11, mike said he'd come over around 3. well i kept telling him he needed to come over. He calls me at 3 & says mindy, shes in labor, shes like panting n stuff. i said Honey, just come- you need to be at christmas dinner(i thought he was making it up). 3:15 he calls me back, "shes having one. its like coming out, oh my gosh, i got-ta- i gott-a go." It was an hour til the 2nd one came. then 10-15 min between each one. I got home around 6:30 from dinner, and then the last one came! She had 4 girls & 3 boys. & a good momma, despite the fact that shes very young. shes not QUITE a year old yet (neither is mufasa)
I came home one day to find her stuffed dog by the puppies & my christmas moose(it had been on the couch in the front room) also by the puppies.(i bought the previous day 50% off)

Here is my favorite puppy. a girl. snuggling up to the moose. SO cute. i want to name her something christmasy. We are only keeping one puppy. mike says i need to wait for a month more to see which personality is better. (but she doesn't whine like all the others when i hold her. :) ) anyways...i never thought i'd be one of those "wierdo dog people who post about their dogs" haha. sorry everyone. I just thought i'd share cute christmas mutt puppies!

P.s. i got a camera from mike for christmas, thank goodness. had my camera for christmas day :)


Traci said...

WELCOME WELCOME!! The pic of the puppy on the moose is so cute!

Tim and Amy said...

fun stuff. we wish mike could have been there for the christmas day festivities. glad you have your puppies! :)

Lindsay Riggs said...

Glad you have the internet now!

Mom said...

Yeah! You finally have the internet! Cute pic of the puppy on the moose and cute moose! Love you!

Love Cami. said...

COOOL! i love puppies! and im so glad you have the internet now. girls night?

Tim and Amy said...

i just wanted to say that i think you need to post a picture of you. there hasn't been one on your site in over 6 months. no excuses now... you have the internet! :o)

(oh and email me that pic of us)

August and Melissa said...

Hey- I got those glass owls at TJ MAX Home Goods on Stapley and Baseline- I returned them last Saturday just cuz they weren't colorful enough for my baby room- so they should be there if no one has bought them yet- $14. Go get em!