Ok- so there really isn't a whole lot to update because my follow up appt with the cardiologist isn't til next thursday! & i didn't really get any explanation of the blood test results other than my T3 is a little high, something with the thyroid- i dont know numbers or anything. So i just have to wait- for the results from the stress test, echocardiogram & blood work.

Then on March 6th i have my 12 week appt with the actual Dr! i'm excited for that- i've met her before, since she delivered my 4 nieccs- but this will be nice!

My morning sickness is still going & knock on wood- hoping it ends at 12 weeks!

Then i'm going with my mom to MICHIGAN for spring break to visit my big sis JILL! SO excited fot that trip & crossing my fingers & toes that i wont be throwing up at that point! :) 10 weeks today! yay



Had my appt. with the cardiologist today!
had an EKG done.

heart rate is high. he said my heart sounds strong & good.

tomorrow i have a stress test & echocardiogram.

then blood work for thyroid & cholesterol, etc.- the stuff the OB doesn't usually test for. (they are checking before i get the labs done)

he told me to eat less carbs & to try to eliminate sugar from my diet. & to eat every two hours instead of big meals 3 times a day- to split up the carbs from making my heart rate high. OH & i have to take my blood pressure 2 times a day- at random times 3 days a week- so i can show him at my next appt on March 1st!

wish me luck at my stress test tomorrow! :S