29.3 hours and counting...

ok. thats not exact. but its close!!!

more is accomplished.

i took yesterday & today off work.

mike& jill convinced me that i didn't need a meltdown on my wedding day because things werent done.

so i listened.

thank you.

thank you to everyone.

yesterday was a little easier than the day before.
well. besides running out of gas on my way home. {thank you jill, for saving me}

oh boy. 1 more sleep. and believe you me, i will post pics after i get back from cali. of all of it.

cuz i'm REALLY excited for how it will all turn out. especially my sweet black & white cake :)

EDIT: 14 hrs & 25 minutes. and i'm getting married. yes. thats all. and i'm not nervous. i know. i'm crazy. everything is done. and what isn't. i'm not stressing about. i had my breakdown for the day. and thankfully i have 3 amazing sisters who cheered me up QUICK. i'm so excited to get married. i am the luckiest.

EDIT #2: i am getting married in 5 hours and 27 minutes. last night, emerson got sick(throwing up, etc.). so this will be an interesting day for the poor baby & his momma. this day came SOOOO quickly. i never imagined it would come. i think i always imagined it would, but so far off that i never needed to worry. but its here. and i'm so excited!!


man alive.

i think this wins.

one of the most emotional weeks of my life.

and i'm already wishing it was over.

mood swings? yes. {thanks to being a girl}

crying? yes. {thanks to being a girl}

lots of things to get done? yes.

stressed? yes.

things to buy? yes.

frames to paint? yes.

problems to resolve? yes.

i think - that i wish - that it was FRIDAY already.

so yes. although the week leading up to anyones wedding is an emotionally stressful one...i don't think that cramps or pms really helps at all :)

am i right?

ha. hopefully its all amazing & friday comes quickly. and going to Cali for a week.

thanks for everyone who is helping. i promise, i do appreciate it. A LOT.

p.s. i'm really not sorry for complaining. ok. i am a little. but really... i had to. :)


so soon?

YES. alright. i need to start up a bet again. YES i want my wedding day w/sugar. and maybe the honeymoon.

but i already feel fatter and its only been a few days with sugar/soda.

i have no will power to do it on my own.

so...who is with me? honestly...i'm horrible. i can't believe it. just because i can- i do. its bad.

sooooo....any takers?

p.s. 9 days...


the funny thing is...

we did it. for 50 days. no sugar. way to go amy. we did it. and quit together.

we will restart in 3 weeks. after the family festivities are over.

last night, i was so excited to eat a piece of mike/Jays ICE CREAM CAKE, that i was on my way inside the house from the backyard... i failed to realize the glass door was shut.

therefore- i nailed the glass door at an angle. i hit the edge of my right eye & my right knee.
yes my knee has a bruise.

i was DYING laughing. i figured...why be embarrassed? if someone was video taping- i could have made it on funniest home videos.

well, most of the people were inside playing the Wii. so i stayed outside with mike and a few other friends for a while instead of getting cake. well, brooke & Jay open the door & Jay says" oh i'm really sorry about that, i just windexed it today!" hahaha. it was funny.

but then our friend spencer hit their light cover on their fan while playing Wii tennis. and broke it.

i didn't feel so bad after.

ANYWAYS... 11 days my friends. 11 days.

i have eleven more single days in my life. well not-married-yet-days.

last time i checked it was december 22nd, and i had just gotten engaged. man how time flies.



When i was having a rough spot in my life...

you showed up.
you listened.
you cared.
you hung out with my family.

you called just to say you loved me.
you took me on walks through the neighborhood to talk and be together.

you like my scrapbooking.
you have patience.

you have this ability to fix anything thats broken.

you gave up your love of flying from the day we first hung out(for 3 mos.), to hang out with me instead.
(despite the fact that i had no idea about the severe hobby it was, or would become :) )

you can make me laugh better than anyone.
you know just what to say when it needs to be said. mostly.

you cherish me to my bones. and for that- i thank you!

So this is to you babe. i love you. HAPPY birthday!!

and i am more than thrilled to marry you in...YES...17 days.


as time is becoming scarce

i am finally done.

i have nothing else to look for.

nothing else to plan.

i am done.

okay i lied. i have to paint 5 frames white.

and buy a few frames.

but thats it. thats IT.

i just did my last bit of ribbon buying yesterday.

we did my bridal shots yesterday. and OH boy it was great.

{thanks traci & kate}

we went into Target after- yes, in my wedding dress! and it was HILARIOUS.

anyways. it was a fun day.

Traci & kate will both be posting on their photography blogs soon. i think. :)


sometimes the past should stay the past.

Kate tagged all readers. so i'll do it.

20 years ago:
1. my mom was anticipating my birth, in 6 weeks.
2. probably kicking
3. did i mention, my brother wanted to have a brother. and was probably dreading my birth. ha

10 years ago:
1. hm. 4th grade.
2. playing with Kalli & neighborhood kids, until the street lights came on.
3. my hair was short. nothings changed.

5 years ago:
1. probably hating life.
2. didn't get along with traci.
3. enjoying HS. mostly i think.

3 years ago:
1. junior year. crushing on all the seniors.
2. size 2. ohhh that was nice.
3. hanging out with tawni. all the time.

1 year ago:
1. i was head over heals for the wrong guy.
2. quit the LTFCC
3.started working at Houston Elementary.

so far this year:
1. fell madly in love with Mike.
2. went on a no sugar bet with my Amy, Jill & kelly. Me & amy are left now :)
3. getting healthier. been sick a LOT less.

1. Layed out with Kate, for an hour n a half
2. Kate found my flower for my wedding. White w/ Pink & black heart gerbera daisy & we walked to AJs and saw it! woohoo
3. mom sent out our ANNOUNCEMENTS :)

1. had VERIZON issues. i'm still bitter. i was late to work because i was on the phone with them.
2. visited mike at work.
3. gonna get some grub & watch american idol with my future-husband-to-be-in-24days!

in the next year:
1. I'll hopefully be working at UOP. making more money. and going back to school
2. Get into a house
3. Get in shape. and START working out!

i tag all my sisters. DO IT.


year in review!

Sweet Emerson turning one!
cute riley turning one!

having to learn & change my tire. (mike should be proud)
Nannying for some STINKIN CUTE KIDS!!! & going on trips with them! Krones are GREAT! they moved, miss them!

bad hair cut: or at least a hair cut i wasn't expecting!!

amy's graduation in dec & spending time with siblings (missed you jilly)

oh sweet sage. and our matching dresses.
time with jill...

accidentally twins? nahh, she wanted to be like me...i swear :)

Meeting the man of my dreams...and him sweeping me off my feet :)
its been a good year. i mean... considering all the GOOD things that have happened!!! it makes it quite easy to overlook all the things that weren't so lovely.... i miss all of you out of state. and you in-state people...hope to see you more :) and CAN'T WAIT. 4 weeks. thats it. 4 weeks. but i'll see some of you in 3. YAY. it came very quickly. i'm getting MARRIED. in FOUR {4} weeks.