crafting & colds.

my headbands are selling at the PINK salon by ASU.  I need to take another loot over SOON & collect my money for the ones i've sold :) its fun.

i just did some fun nursery letters for my friend brooke johnson- her baby Hadlie! so cute. When she hangs them up i'll steal a picture from her! The babies room is ADORABLE!

I did a onesie for her too with an H on it. But of course i forgot to take a picture! oops. looks like i'll be bugging her for that too! haha.

Well... i'm feeling under the weather- thurs when i got off work (5:30ish) and got home... i started to really feel like JUNK. {i knew it was coming... mike had gone camping 2 weeks ago with his buddy, and his friend had this nasty head cold/flu thing. well 4 days later...MIKE got it... lasted like 5 days &  he missed a few days of work!!} then...it took a week for it to hit me! i woke up so many times in the night thurs night... i SNORED. felt so bad! haha. & i complained allll night. The beginning of the school year & ALREADY got sick. blah. the girl i worked with (student) was sick all weekend (last weekend) fever and all.

I am gonna be in the PECAN CREEK BOUTIQUE again this year! SO exciting.
When: Saturday, November 20, 2010

Time: 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Where: Pecan Creek South Neighborhood

I'm gonna sell Rosette headbands, rosette clips w/headbands, probably some bows, Onesies with a variety of designs & my book of wood letters i've done so people can order! :) hoping to roll in more MULA than i did last year!


Traci said...

so fun that you're selling so much! You are amazing!! Hope you feel better!!!

jill s said...

i hope you feel better soon!

and i'm excited to see pictures of everything you make!

you rock!

Mom said...

It sounds like fun to sell your cute stuff!!! Good job! I'm anxious to see pictures of everything! Sorry you feel lousy! Get well quick! Love you!

Tim and Amy said...

yeah! nice work chica. keep up the awesome work.

and feel better SOON!

Lindsay Riggs said...

That's awesome that your stuff is selling at that salon! Keep up the good work!

Tim and Amy said...

maybe i'll be in az for that boutique :o)