lost in a sea ribbon and clips

yes. lost in clips. ribbon, flowers, and glue.

job 1. houston. mon-fri
job 2. respite with boy. tues. thurs. friday. (after houston)
job 3. blueyedesign.

i took my bows/flowers/ holders/letters to school this week.(houston) and people ordered. a LOT.
about 50 flowers.
probably 30 bows.
and 2 names in reg sized wood letters.
one BIG letter.

stayed up late after working three nights so far. had a bad headache yesterday & couldnt figure it out. then while working on clips last night i realized ooooooh. i'm looking down for 3 hours. hmmpf. duh! so i stared up for a bit to give my neck a rest. :)
it will be a busy weekend, people want their clips n stuff.

not sure if i'm gonna keep doing big orders.

miss you all.

our little gracie lou (queensland heeder/ australian shephard mutt) is prego, she's getting quite big(due around christmas we think) for those that don't know, we got Mufasa (german shephard/chow mix) about 6 weeks ago. and thats why we're expecting puppies!!