thanks for the birthday wishes everyone... :)

my sweet hubby surprised me... YES i was very very surprised actually.... with a Netbook computer! i had told him i wanted one a bit ago but decided i would suffice with the old thick dell laptop he bought me (from a friend) for christmas when we were engaged. i needed something updated & faster :) and it was a surprise. and i was super excited. anyways... i had a fun day on my bday... woke up- mike did the dishes & cleaned off the stove & counters.... woohoo. & then he remembered he got me a gift around 10 am... and gave it to me! :) & then we got ready and headed to Granny gooses to meet amy, ryan, lindsay, riley, annie, traci, scott, harley, mom & dad there. We ate pizza, went swimming, had cupcakes & watermelon! it was great fun. After that Amy, traci, Harley, & i went to chandler mall and went to GAP- i had a gift card & a $25 off coupon for jeans, :) so that was cool. and then we headed over to Joes Farmgrill in Gilbert for a free meal.... pretty sweet. & then my dessert of choice was Bahama bucks- DELISH. since i was a little girl at water n ice i've always gotten blue raspberry & watermelon mixed- to DIE FOR. and i of course- always get a blue tongue & lips... and they always think i'm crazy when i say i want those flavors mixed, not side by side. but its yummy. you should all try it. its SO worth looking like i've been stuck in the cold for days... haha.

anywho... WORK- a week n a half left before schools out for summer & i'm just a TAD excited. i'll be able to have LOTS more time for selling hair accessories & crafts & i'll also be doing respite with a couple boys- a few days a week. it'll be lovely to have a few days to just focus on selling my stuff online.
i'm still hoping i have my job next year- cross your fingers for me! please? of course we wont find out till the end of june probably, just like last year! SO terrible. still hoping prop 100 here passes... & helps out education in AZ. its so sad what this world is coming to!

ok well i'm rambling & i'm very tired.

AMY- thank you SO much for coming to visit. its been so much fun hanging out with you... i hope you have a safe flight & come back soon to visit.


Lindsay Riggs said...

Glad you had a fun day!

jill s said...

yay! so happy for you to be starting summer break soon!!

make tons of money selling the cuteness you make + then you can come see me! :)

Traci said...

so glad your birthday was fun & glad Mike FINALLY gave you your present :)

Tim and Amy said...

i'm excited for you to have more crafting time! that's awesome.

hilarious that mike almost forgot he got you something!

kate lines said...

hey mindy,

i like you.