i'm saving the world. one bag at a time.

haha. here is what i have so far:

F0rever 21 purchase : 1.50

Target: $ .99

Pacsun: free with purchase.

I will soon be grocery shopping with these. and i'm kinda excited. if mike didn't think i was a hippie before...he might now :)
or maybe by my pin on my purse " dont be trashy. recycle"
Hope you all had a wonderful black friday!

House update: here is the place mats & flowers i bought for the table!

I think i have decided to do the bottom half of the kitchen wall that really dark purple & then the damask rubons on the wall. above.

one more thing... we were driving to go take some of mikes family to see our new house & our nephew was blinded by the sun so i handed him mikes sunglasses...then mike couldn't see. so i handed mine over :) captured this handsome pic:


just can't stop.oh oh.

i realize i have been posting a lot.

well. today... i bought a table similar to this! {yes, originally from ashley furniture} the one we got is all the light wood. the design inside the chairs is straight...not round. & there was a child who loved this table very much...i can tell by the amount of time they spent drawing with crayons and markers on top & underneath the table! haha. i will be painting it all black, sanding it to make it look rustic & then re-upholstering the chairs. all different patterns.

from where? GOODWILL. "yes indeed. yes indeed. yes indeed. yes indeed my darling."***

i called mike while i was thrift store shopping with Kelly & Kirsten this morning... and the {oh so happy} husband of mine {grumpily} came to look at my amazing find. and {happily} agreed to buy it.

I also got 6 place mats for .99. white & teal striped.

yes i am excited. i will post a before & after picture once we move in & i paint this amazing table & chairs.

***the song we sing in group time at school. and quinn sings it allllll day long. "hello to ____ yes indeed yes indeed yes in deed. hello to ____ yes indeed my darling." ha.



ok. thats my etsy name.{blueyedesign} i'm contemplating doing letters like these & selling em. {and no i don't have the shop set up yet. i need to decide if they would sell or not}

these three are for our friend John & Savannah's little baby London Mae Harvill!

This one i did for my sister Traci's friend who is having a baby boy soon!

p.s. look at the post below if you haven't. i want ideas!



i decided i'd pause on life for now & pretend i am wealthy.

i want THESE: i saw them on anthropologie.com and they are calling me to buy them!!

I still have no idea what color to paint my one wall in my kitchen. i have been thinking a yellow color with yellow/white damask on the bottom half under the chair rail. i've been searching the internet and cannot find one i like.

so here we go.... give me ideas! draw something... find one online...send me a link! colors, patterns, anything. LOVE to get some ideas guys!!! i knowwww y'all are creative! THESE are my damask plates i got for our wedding:

i also have plain white square ones. so i kinda wanna coordinate...but i can't figure it out.

So. get your creativeness rollin....

p.s. 3 weeks til we move & i also have to find a kitchen table & chairs. yikes.

EDIT: look at the table i found on that mesa auction website...going up on friday for auction! i would just get 2 more chairs or something from good will & paint them black! this is my dream. this table :) haha

I also wanted to post this picture i found {can't remember which blog! agh} what better decor for a bathroom?!? :)


in honor of

mike finally finding the camera cord to the computer. {never seen a set up like this in my life}nonetheless...WOO HOO!

here are some pictures that have been hiding on this little camera for FAR FAR too long :) haha.{be sure NOT to mention this to mike ... not kidding}

This....is our future house. {other half of garage & rv gate missing in pic}

the big backyard.

the kitchen...see what i mean about needing to paint the cabinets?!

the big 29x9 add on room.

from mikes mission. helping people out. while posing :)

i may have mentioned a 90's party before...well this is my attire from that night.

Cutie sage from when i went to michigan!

YES. a picture of JILL! always taking pictures of other people...but never in them herself. finally. i captured her!

This is our sweet clock from the Jenny Thompson & her mom!

Well...i will be sure to start taking pictures now...and posting them. more of mike surely to come!

hope you enjoyed seeing our new place. after its spiced up...i'll be sure to post more!


cold season has arrived.

well. what a joyous time in snowflake this weekend.

ok. before i complain...i'll tell you what fun we DID have!

we arrived around 9pm at the willis home.
watched a movie & went to bed!

w0ke up...everyone else ate breakfast but me, and then we watched a little tv.

then Hunter, Kiersten, Carly, Samantha, & Deek, and us, went bowling...i watched.
it was pretty entertaining.

Then mike and i headed to Pinedale for our niece Lizzy's, baptism. It was so great to see all of mikes family there. including his brother Fred who i haven't seen since last year around this time.

After the baptism, we headed back to the Willis home. Then we sat around visiting for a bit and then Hunter& Kiersten, Mike & I went to the Driving ranger by their house & hit some balls. I realized...i still suck. haha. Mike was amazing. it was fun. but i got REAL cold REAl fast.

We went back and ate some pizza then started watching Get smart....i headed to bed at 7. Then after that movie they watched Kung Fu Panda.

Sunday morning we ate pancakes for breakfast & then mike & i watched Enchanted :) haha.
Then when they got back from church we went to visit their grandma& grandpa. we had a fun time.

We then headed back home...it was SNOWING after heber and got really hard to see out the window. after an hour...we passed the snow and got home. safely.

why didn't i eat breakfast at 9? Why didnt i bowl? Why did i go to bed at 7?

well friday early morning i started getting a cold. and felt crummy all day long. well Saturday around 4 am...i threw up...anyways...i felt crummy the whole trip with a terrible cold. or flu. or something. and took the day off work today to finish getting over this.

but we DID have a great trip.


dec. WHAT?!

well i guess our new closing date is Dec 12. {could possibly be a bit earlier...but i guess the weekend of thanksgiving doesn't give them enough time to "do what they do"...whatever that is}

i bought ORNAMENTS. love em. {thanks sams club...and kate for your membership card.}
they are the brown & cream set. and oh so pretty.

Going to our nieces baptism this weekend in pinedale. & staying in snow flake.
i'm going to Freeze my toosh off. no joke. in the mornings here my hands already feel like icicles...just ask robin {works in the same classroom} i touched her arm to ask her if i was cold...cuz i thought ians head felt warm...and she was like WoAH. yes you're cold.
i laughed. i swear my hands won't be warm again till april or may. ugh.

anyways... just thought i'd update a little bit.

OH OH...mike approved the Plum kitchen wall.

YES. only because he didn't want it yellow. that was his other option. he he

happy fall y'all.

p.s. i realize that i'm complaining of the cold and it doesn't snow here. for those of you in snowy places at this time. good luck shoveling all that snow this year. {laugh laugh}

*i haven't heard back from the nanny situtation. i suppose he wouldn't return the attorneys phone call.
**as for the yellow wall...No, we got a big paint thing with all the colors & i showed him which yellow i wanted...he didn't like it! :)
***halloween pictures...may never come. much to my disappointment as well. sorry friends.