lost in a sea ribbon and clips

yes. lost in clips. ribbon, flowers, and glue.

job 1. houston. mon-fri
job 2. respite with boy. tues. thurs. friday. (after houston)
job 3. blueyedesign.

i took my bows/flowers/ holders/letters to school this week.(houston) and people ordered. a LOT.
about 50 flowers.
probably 30 bows.
and 2 names in reg sized wood letters.
one BIG letter.

stayed up late after working three nights so far. had a bad headache yesterday & couldnt figure it out. then while working on clips last night i realized ooooooh. i'm looking down for 3 hours. hmmpf. duh! so i stared up for a bit to give my neck a rest. :)
it will be a busy weekend, people want their clips n stuff.

not sure if i'm gonna keep doing big orders.

miss you all.

our little gracie lou (queensland heeder/ australian shephard mutt) is prego, she's getting quite big(due around christmas we think) for those that don't know, we got Mufasa (german shephard/chow mix) about 6 weeks ago. and thats why we're expecting puppies!!


Bow Clips

Check out my BluEyeDesign blog to see the bows close-up & put in an order.


the boutique is over.

And it went well? I came out on top, i made money. :) that was my goal. Got 2 orders for Big letters! exciting!!! BUT... there was some suppppper cute booths. i bought two headbands, a ring, a purse & some other little doo-dads. hehe. BUT i did some trading for most of it! great!
Just dont look at the hideous girl sitting at the table.

I made 140 bows. gahhhh. haha. but i'm taking them to the school i work at on tues to let all the teachers buy some! i've had a few requests! it got ReALLY hot the last few hours of the boutique but the turn out was good and i had fun!


life & crafts

alright ladies& gents!!! On November 21st, its a saturday... there will be a boutique sale! In Queen Creek...& i will be selling BOWS & taking orders for letters! :) & of course there will be lots of crafty ladies & gents there selling crafts of all sorts!

When: Saturday, November 21, 2009
Time: 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Where: Pecan Creek South Neighborhood

i'm excited! i'll remind you all too when it gets closer!

SO life? its good. busy. busy. busy. church callings, family, friends, WORK WORK WORK...yup, we are busy.

i'll try and post sooner than later. :)
p.s. look at BLUEYEDESIGN please?


happy fall.

hello friends.

sorry for neglecting you for so long.
we still don't have the internet. i'm lazy & trying to find a time when they can set it up & mike home to help me? not possible! we are too busy!

life is going fine these days. just working working working.
starting week after next ill be picking up more hours at my 2nd job. (i do respite for any of you that didnt know that!) The boy i work with is also in our SPICE class at school.

my beautiful sister traci had her baby girl on August 31! Harley Paige Washburn
& my Brothers wife also had a baby just a few weeks before traci did! Annie Grace Riggs!
Both such precious beautiful babies! so fun!

I starting making hair clips! :) woot woot! Traci wanted me to make a bunch for harley, now her sister n law wants some, & a lady at work! :) yay. I made myself some too! i'll try & take pictures & post them, (dont count on it any time soon!) Flower, button, and bow clips!

ummm...my puppy is doing well & as cute as ever!!!
i finally painted my guest bathroom! Brown stripes on the bottom half & a tree/cherry blossomish design with Grey background on the top half! yay.

know anyone having a baby? need a gift? LET ME KNOW! Baby name wood letters? bow clips?
head over to blueyedesign.blogspot.com!!!!

have a great day. enjoy the nice cool air.


what have i been up to?

Ok besides re-doing our kitchen...for the last few months i was planning and preparing for my sisters baby shower! Right when she found out she was prego i said I AM THROWING YOUR SHOWER! woot woot! i was so excited! why? because i had found www.amyatlas.com months and months ago, and fell in love!
once she found out it was a girl, and planned her room colors i was ready to start. Amyatlas always has SOME type of background for her tables...candy bags on the wall, material, flags, always something. so i thought to myself... a clothes line, with onesies that are the colors of the shower! so each time i went to the store, i'd buy a few.
THEN...i was set on doing really cute cupcakes like amyatlas has. but they had to be gluten free...so traci found Betty Crockers Devils food Chocolate cake mix! tried it out, and she liked it (actually they turned out better when my mom and i made them for the shower :)
My friend Brooke decorates cakes, so i called her to help me make Buttercream frosting & of course, frost them. Also, my sister amy found Lime green/white polka dot cupcake holders(the things you bake them in! Third part of the cupcakes? The white chocolate button on top! I searched and finally found www.bakeitpretty.com and that is where i bought my vintage buttons mold & button sucker mold!
Next task? I found lime green tins at the dollar spot at target! I found The cupcake stand holders at walmart! I needed scoops for each of the candys, ya know i wanted to be like amyatlas! Finally found those at Walmart, 3 pack, 3 different sizes.

I must say...NO ONE WANTED TO TOUCH THE CUPCAKES...did they look TOO cute to eat? haha. We made 54 cupcakes...how many were left that evening? 37. oh phoowee. haha. traci is probably still enjoying them!
Next, a ice bucket...i had sonic ice so i needed something to put it in! VUALA...Joanns had these summery ice buckets w/scoop! Just added the colored ribbon & it matches!

Last but not least...the present table had these two things on it, a refurbished diaper cake...new ribbon & some pretty fresh gerbera daisies! & a BIG H for Harley!
Thanks to those who brought stuff for the shower & helped with the cupcakes! woot woot!
it was a success. if i do say so myself!!


before & After....

BEFORE: (this is 2 days after we moved in, don't mind the mess)

AFTER: this is on July 25.

these sweet decals are from Etsy, i ordered them when we first got the house, but we JUST did the cabinets black last week, so i finally got to put them on! yay!)

Did i mention My sister tracis brother&sisterinlaw Dan & kirstie gave me 2 gallons of this blue paint for FREE?! yeah. i'm lucky! (thank you thank you!!!)

I have been slowly collecting plates from Anthro, the two on the left are from there. the one on the right, hobby lobby. i have 2 more i need to hang up, one from germany my grandma west gave me & another one from Anthropology.

pics of my table and chairs, soon to come!


soon to come,,,

pictures of my tables and chairs.

my cabinets are the next project, i will be doing those this week, sanding, staining & putting my rub-ons on em!

um, we put up curtains in our front room. and on the back door.

we put in a cool divider door between the kitchen & the addon room.

i've been planning my sisters baby shower. and i love it. i hope it all turns out the way i've pictured in my mind.

my inspiration came from amyatlas.com so when you come, you can tell me how i did!

Fun fun fun.

life is good. i'm ready to get back to a set schedule at the school in august! Couple of the kids i've been working with have been out of town! So i've had a lot of days off! (i'm not complaining)

:) love you all. after the shower i'll post lots of pics!!! so you can see my kitchen!



What a summer! haha. I'm supposed to be working with three different kids! One kid tues/wed. another one thurs/friday mornings. another one thurs/fri afternoons! WELLL....its always been one kid or another out of town. camping. on a trip...you know. its SUMMER! So i haven't actually had a full week of work yet! craziness! It has been nice though to relax just a bit & take mike lunch. finish my table and chairs...i know i know i need to upload them! (dont forget i dont have the internet!) i'm working on printing some business cards for Blueyedesign! its kinda tricky when you do it yourself!!! I heard back and i HAVE MY JOB at houston!!! pretty stoked about that! what a relief!! ummm... lets see. Thats all folks!

Amy asked for an update! so there it is...i'm boring! haha.



just wanted to post the latest picture of my cute gracie lou!

anyways. OH & here is a sneak peek of my table & chairs :just a sneak peek, i have two more seats to reupholster & i'm done! woot woot! don't mind the messy garage. did i mention just the SANDING took 8 hours? yeahhh.


as the school year ends...

I am so sad. its been such an amazing year. i love my job SO much. i have never dreaded going to work. The ladies i work with are incredible!!! the kids i work with...so sweet & tender hearted, with so much personality!!!
not knowing if i get my job back next year is really gonna make thursday difficult saying goodbye, ugh.
OH & for their end of the year gift from the ladies in our classroom: go look at BLUEYEDESIGN
Thankfully i get to work with 2 of them this summer & another boy my sister works with.

THANK you for all the birthday wishes!! :) love you all.

hope all of you are doing well!



we took this picture before we left yesterday morning for the zoo.

other pics. taken today by Traci washburn! :)

one year down. eternity to go.

Our anniversary was yesterday!

when we woke up mike turned to me and said "this has been the best year of my life" aww.

ok so we went & made a mortgage payment in morning. we went and ate at Senor Tacos. eh it was alright. then...
we headed to the ZOO! :) it was fun. mike hadn't been in 7 years. (i went with our class just 2 mo. ago) we had fun! one of the monkeys came in a bush right up close to us- that was cool.

so we had a blast! then we watched the 1st three X-Men movies. because friday night we had gone to the x-men wolverine movie...so we had to refresh our memories. & in between 2 movies we went to dinner with our friends patrick & kelli to texas roadhouse!

we had an eventful day! :)

i'm glad i'm such a lucky girl to have mike!!!

i brought the wrong camera cord to tracis house today so i can't post them!!! :)



birthday family!!! :)

happy birthday ryan!
happy birthday tim!
happy birthday MIKE my love!!!
happy birthday jim!
and... well happy birthday scott next week!

sorry for my lack in blogging. i really would post WAY too often{is that possible} if i DID have the internet! but as you all know we steal WiFi & well they finally locked it. too bad.

i guess its time to spend some money & just get the internet.

update on our lives:
-work is great. hope to have a job next year. really.
-mikes work is great. just bought a mercedes benz an 85'. {imagine me rolling my eyes HERE}
-we both got callings a few months ago in our semi-new ward. i'm a beehive advisor & he's a priests advisor! fun fun!
-umm gracie {the pup} is getting bigger and bigger. still so fun.
- so life is good. staying busy. walking with kate after school most days. gave up soda & fast food. 1 cheat day a week.
-anyways...have a great day! or week. or month haha.



gracie lou!
i was leaving yesterday & when i was gonna get in my car i saw THIS:
don't mind my reflection! anyways...her cute little tag, was necessary after she ESCAPED the backyard while i was gone. i was a mess...driving all over the neighborhood trying to find her!! then finally the neighbor across the street came out with her! goodness! pheeew. anyways. i'm loving having company at home all the time! i'm also watching a little chihuahua mix dog for a girl at work...teacher in the classroom i work! shes great! anyways...

heres my SWEET find from target:cute eh eh?

hopefully i can update this more often! well or buy the internet. hmmm.


Gracie Lou.

we have a new addition to our family!!! :)

our new puppy. Gracie Lou Hermann!

she is a australian shephard/queensland heeler mix!

here she is:

better pictures to come soon!!!


sweethearts & headaches

sorry its been so long. as you know we steal wi-fi from neighbors so if i CAN get on the internet, i check my email & look at a few blogs until i lose the connection. well i picked up my mom from work, so i have access at their house to do this! :) so let me update you:

{valentines} mike told me he got us tickets to WICKED{if you don't know, this is a broadway musical} this summer! woot woot! & brought me home 1/2 dozen roses in the afternoon :)

{work} stressful at times but i LOVE the kids i work with & the ladies i work with are incredible! honestly. one of our students is having a rough time & is sometime a challenge, getting hit, hitting himself, frustrations of not being able to communicate! i can't imagine!

its good. getting more time with my hubby. still making lots of wood letters & it worked out to make some more business when i went to a baby shower with my gift {ELLA} & people wanted me to do their kids! yay. & then took a Big {B} to a bridal shower! {BLUEYEDESIGN.BLOGSPOT.COM} SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!! please.
ok so life...its good. keeping MORE busy than usual with cooking nights, craft nights, & american idol of course! :) we went shooting/quading last week & that was way fun!

thats all folks. sorry. i'm boring. love you all! :)

{p.s. the headaches, really had nothing to do with the post, but i have been getting more headaches & can't figure out why.}



its one of my favorite colors.

and can you believe what i found when i came home today from work!?

it was SO refreshing & made me smile all giddy! wouldn't YOU smile?

yeah. i'm smiling.

& i did not plant these. {someone else did that long ago i guess}

p.s. found a GREAT steal at anthro. and at goodwill. will post those soon!


smiles all around.

reasons to smile:

-my spots are fading. yay.

- i hung up my b.e.d. in my scraproom.
- look what we accomplished today!!! {kate came to help me & give me paint she wasn't using!}

{i found this wall decal on etsy, for appx $65. i thought to myself, i can do this. i can. so i did. & kate helped! woot woot!}

{blue in this picture is not the actual blue. flash makes it appear brighter & more blue.}

{its actually like a tealish. :)}

call me, pay me, and i'll do it! :) haha.
ok ok... tape it. paint it. remove tape. its that easy!!! ;)


70 spots of red.

i'm not laughing. {this is a bad way to start off the year!}

last sunday morning, getting ready to take a shower before church & i FREAK...i see red spots. i run into mike & show him, then i see my BACK covered in red spots. well, i started thinking i had the chicken pox. i got the vaccine so i never had them as a child. i ended up going to the dermatologist first thing monday morning. he knows what it is RIGHT when he sees it.

he asked me...hot tub? i sadly grumbled, yesss. he then replied, you have hot tub folliculitis.
{i mean really, they couldn't come up with a better name?!}

we were given a hot tub from a friend. we were really excited to get it working. we got it treated with chemicals and all.
WELL...we all got in last thurs. good times. until sunday rolled around. YIKES!

{Folliculitis begins as a red, tender area at or near the base of one or more strands of hair. It turns into a small, raised area of skin that contains pus (pustule) and often itches or burns. When these pustules break open, they may drain pus and/or blood.

The pustules that develop with deep folliculitis are usually larger, more painful, and longer-lasting than those from mild (superficial) folliculitis. Deep folliculitis can also lead to other skin infections that generally cause more pain and discomfort, such as a boil (furuncle) or carbuncle. Carbuncles may also cause a fever and make you feel ill.

"Hot tub folliculitis" typically appears about 72 hours after you have been in a hot tub or spa. Many small pustules appear on your torso and sometimes your arms and legs. You may have a mild fever and feel ill. This type of folliculitis usually goes away on its own within 7 to 10 days.}

THIS IS A FRIENDLY REMINDER. if you plan on hot tubbing this winter, make sure there is enough chlorine, in a neighborhood hot tub, in a friends, AND in your own!

sorry if i grossed you out. just thought i'd inform the public of something i had never heard of.



thats my word for this year.

if anyone knows me...knows i take things seriously.

this year i'd like to breathe in & release all this tension...this seriousness, and simply laugh.
{yes, i realize it is not always appropriate & i will hold back when needed.}

laugh when it hurts.

laugh when i wanna cry.

laugh when kids at school can be frustrating.

laugh when my meal doesn't turn out right.

laugh when mikes joke is funny.

laugh while i'm singing in my car.

laugh when someone makes a frustrating move on the road.

laugh when things don't seem to go my way.

laugh because i finally have more room to move around, decorate and walls to have my laugh reverberate.

laugh because thats where those great wrinkles on our faces come from.

laugh because it also helps with weightloss. {i realize other action needs to be taken, just laughing will not do}

laugh. its a good idea. haha.