Update on life...

I bought a wedding dress.

I bought a tiara.

I bought white heels.

Bridesmaids dresses are purchased.

All of my clothes are packed.

All of my scrap stuff--- is packed.

We are moving this weekend, meaning, my dad, mom, and I.

I have lived in the same house my entire life.

This is weird.

And i will be moving again in 4 months(when i get married), 12 houses down from where i am now.

Why unpack? i mean really.

My shoulder hurts a LOT now that i have stopped Physical Therapy.

Moving is stressful, no wonder we haven't moved since i was born.

Jill made me this AMAZING header with pics from our engagement shoot she did while she was here. it ROCKS.

Mike treats me like a queen & i love him more everyday.

We are getting married May 2nd, and that is in 15 weeks. CRAZY.

EDIT: my shoes came in the mail. my tiara came in the mail. my bridesmaids necklaces came in the mail. i bought frames for the tables.