cleaning & crafting

Yup, monday is here. and i am starting to clean. its no joke this year- spring break really does mean Spring cleaning. I was looking forward to relaxing and crafting as i pleased. Shopping, watching movies, visiting family, going on my walks with Mary because i've been slacking for the last 3 weeks. (i wasnt feeling good -one way or another- the last few weeks)

I sold 7 hair wraps on friday at work.
I just thought i'd mention- Sabrina Ward Harrison - author of the most amazing book- Spilling Open: the art of becoming yourself. --- (if you know me well, you have heard of this book, i may have even given you a copy as a gift.) Well, on Facebook- she said she liked my picture of one of my hair wraps. When i saw that, it was like receiving the greatest compliment in the world. I immediately commented on her page & said how flattered i was and how much her book means to me. She replied BACK! (i'm not sure why i was so shocked, I said jill can you BELIEVE this?!- she replied YES mindy i can!) Sabrina is real and genuine just like her books.

I love your headbands! I would love to wear one if I could pull it off with my short hair
Mindy:oh you can!!! It would be my gift to you... can you message me an address that i can ship it to? tell me what colors you want and i'll whip one up for you!

Although she didnt reply yet, i'm still so very flattered. my sister jill will be going to her workshop in a month in Seattle and will be hand delivering a hair wrap. I cant wait.

anyways... i better get back to cleaning. traci & harley are coming over soon....

love you all.


jill s said...

SOOOOOO cute!!!!!

Mom said...

All of those are so cute! So cool about SWH! And it was fun being with you today!! Love you!

Traci said...

Spring cleaning....BLAH! I need to do some too! LOVE the hair wraps! You're so talented! AND-that is AWESOME about Sabrina! SO fun!

Amy said...

so very cool about sabrina. with 2 sisters in love with her work, i'm shocked that i haven't read one yet. i need to get on that! enjoy your cleaning - but more importantly - enjoy your time away from work. LOVE the wraps! i think those are small enough that i could try one out as well.

angie said...

thanks for the comment:) Our bedding is from Target!!!

Lindsay Riggs said...

Fun compliment from someone you look up to! Have a fun rest of your break! What "luck of the Irish" that we saw you today so randomly :)