september already...

it amazes me how fast the days are going. i cannot believe it is september already. life is blissful. work is just great! i work with some amazing people. i laugh everyday at work- without fail. & i come home & laugh with mike. we giggle & we love eachother so much! when i was moving out back in january- i threw away a framed thing i had made of our 1st anniversary pics...i had an owl sitting on a one. my plan was to put up a pic on the wall of each anniversary. for some reason we didnt get around to getting our second anniversary pics done. but anyways....i threw that framed scrapbook art thing away in the trash outside. Well...tonight- while cleaning the front room- i found it. mike had gone & pulled it out of the trash when i left. he went to bed early(his back is hurtin bad)& gave him a big hug & kiss....i'm so glad he kept it.

anywho...life is good. work is good. stress level is good.

sorry i haven't posted in so long. with work, mike, pinterest, & facebook...i just forget to post here!

oh one last thing- we have been reading this great book called- Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson. it is really good & really interesting. it has questions at the end of the chapters n stuff. I think couples would enjoy reading it. really...even if things are fabulous...its still a good book :)