happy 26th.

happy birthday to mike.

I made this wonderful cake last night at about 10pm while mike & his friend were working on the shower. so don't judge. i was really tired. :) and then i woke up this morning and put the layers together and did the top frosting and wrote on it. then my sister traci asked... no guns, tents, or trucks on it? i don't have any toy guns or tents or small trucks to put on it... so i decided to draw a gun. its not my best work. i assure you. i've never actually drawn a gun- not something i typically used to sketch on my papers in high school or anything. anyways, its a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. the writing is black sparkly decorating tube stuff. i had big plans to take it to mikes work when i got off work, and take him his presents. but my big plan was quickly ruined when mike informed me that his boss' wife brought in cake and ice cream for everyone. boo. so now mike, eddie (his friend helping with the shower) and i get to eat this cake. and i'm waiting patiently for the party to start. maybe i should get some neighbors to come join us?
oh well. too bad the house is a disaster & i haven't vaccumed because the boys keep walking in and out with cement dust and other dirt on their shoes from the shower. i'm waiting til its done to deep clean. so don't be offended if we haven't invited you over in a few weeks. :)
happy birthday mike. hope it was a good one. love you. 26. woot woot.
p.s. our anniversary is in 2 weeks. then my birthday is 2 weeks after that. good times. good times.


Traci said...

man! bummer!! the cake looks awesome!

Mom said...

The cake looks good! Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting sounds yummy!! I hope the shower is done soon so you can get back to having a clean house! Love you!

Tracy said...

Love the cake and gun!!! I love that your special days are all together- our are only days apart- it makes it fun!

mindy said...
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Spencer and Hilary said...

Very cute!
happy 26 hermy!

Tim and Amy said...

YUMMM! sorry i didn't comment earlier. i DID see it on saturday and have been craving a piece of the cake since! nicely done - way to make it personal!

hope you are feeling better. and the shower is completed soon! :o)