ok- amy insisted that i post. sorry my life isn't very exciting!! :)
So... summer is almost over & i'm pretty sad about that. I'm pretty bummed i won't be working in the same classroom i have for the last 2 years. I have worked in the SPICE classroom- kids with autism, 1-3rd grade. and i've LOVED it. the kids are so great! I got switched to MD SCILLS. It should be interesting. I'm not to sure what to expect really. thankfully i'll still get to work with sweet connor after school one day a week! He has been so much fun to work with this summer- i've been taking him to my Granny goose's every Tues. to swim! Gran just LOVES him. And spoils him with candy of course. :)

I bought a BIKE. i was pretty excited about it. now if mike & i could start riding them at night. haha.
I love the bike though. great fun & its super cute.

We found one of our dogs- Shooter, a new home! yay! the same home that we sent Mufasa too. except mufasa decided to run away on their first camping trip up north with their other dog. Hopefully shooter has better luck! :) but we are just happy to have silence when the sun comes up in the morning. apparently shooter WAS the culprit of the morning barking ritual haha. 3 dogs was just to much. to feed & to listen to in the morning :)

Alright- health update, some of you may know i had some tests done back in april... endoscopy & the other FUN oscopy one haha. not. & a CT scan. & blood work... yadda yadda. Only to get absolutely NO answers. that was a lot of money for NOTHING. Anyways... I'm finally getting FOOD allergy testing done today. & i'm actually really excited. I'm sure i'll be nervous once i get there & they start the skin thing. But i'm ready to start feeling better & living life to the fullest. - which is hard to do with a chronic stomachache. lol. -TMI? sorry. I'll update this once i get back from the dr & they tell me what i'm allergic to. or intolerant of.
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EDIT: allergy test update...
they tested 100 yeah- ONE HUNDRED - 40 foods & 60 plants n molds n stuff.
i apparently am NOT allergic to any of the foods they tested for. SURPRISE. man.
BUT i AM allergic to the following: Grasses, a couple different Molds, white poplar tree, ash tree, some different weeds, Black willow tree, hickory-pecan tree, & mountain cedar tree. oh joy. not really the answers i was looking for. OH well.