bet you.

so my sister and i started a better. kind of just to motivate eachother to get in shape. if i tell people about it maybe i'll do better.

so the rules- no soda, no sweets, no fast food. all the things that made up my diet until exactly a week ago. we may cheat- if we choose to on the weekend. i shared a sprite with mike at dinner saturday & then i ate some chocolate yesterday. i had to. it was screaming my name on saturday at the store.

first one to lose 10 lbs wins a shirt. (amy correct me if i get any of this wrong!)

last week, i didn't work out at all.
today- 1 hr. 15 min. workout. walked about a mile to a mountain from our neighborhood. then went partial way up this steep mountain. came down, walked back a mile home. i have a feeling i may be sore tomorrow. the girl from church i'm doing it with- 4 mo. prego...and she looks GOOD. but i think we were both dying walking up the mountain. so i didn't feel so bad. except, shes prego. and i'm not. so i'm REALLY outta shape hahaha.

well...here's to healthy habits and losing weight.
i guess i better go cook myself something healthy. i came home from the walk and cut up a pineapple...yummm.

well thats my update. maybe i'll try and take a picture of the headbands i've been selling so you can all see & tell everyone you know :)


Lindsay Riggs said...

good luck!!

Mom said...

Good job on going on the hike! Keep it up! It will get easier! That's great that you have someone to do it with. Good luck to both you and Amy!
Love you!

Tim and Amy said...

yes, good luck ;)

nice work on the hike. that's awesome. keep it up!

Jon and Lara Stowell said...

Wow. No soda, candy, OR fast food? I would die. I'm excited for you though! Go girl!

Traci said...

YEAH FOR YOU GUYS!! We're starting something ourselves too. You can do it! Awesome bout the headbands!

jill s said...


i've been working out again too. that little month+ break was soooo not good for me!