puppy update.

yes yes. i know i'm the "dog lady" now haha.

heres an update. soooo i came home from work and decided with the big storm tonight i'd let the puppies sleep in the bathroom! wellll gracie doesnt like being in there too much. so i opened the door and told her to stay....and then this is what i see...

puppies running out with gracies head peaking out! hah. (notice the pup walking toward me, shes a monster! and the only one with fur that sticks out all over! shes way bigger than the rest)

my cute lil noel...? hah. not named yet.

all walkin around, tails waggin!! i love it

mike said tonight..."its gonna be so hard to give them away.." yup thats why we're keeping one...or two if we disagree on which one to keep! :) he he

anywho... life is good. i had food poisoning last weekend.(good ol' filiBs! nasty. never thrown up so much in 2 hrs in my life. not even in a year. :( work is going well. i'm ready for the weekend. for sure. except mike has a scout overnight thing. & fixing his tranny. so glad hes a mechanic!
OHHH i found someone (i'm 76% sure) that wants mufasa. our male dog. so thats good. no more pups for us! haha. & the big chunker pup? mikes brother is taking- his kiddos & wife begged him! yayyyyy! mike wants to keep the one with white feet. sooo if you know anyone that would be interested in a puppy...let me know!!!!



we got the internet everyone!!! be proud. woot woot! therefore, i will be posting more now :)
Our Gracie had her puppies on christmas!!! they are growing so fast & all their eyes opened this week. here are a few pictures:
Gracie. christmas morning. (queensland heeler/australian shephard mix)
Mufasa. the dad. (german shephard/chow mix.)
Gracie & 7 puppies.
I was at my parents house around 11, mike said he'd come over around 3. well i kept telling him he needed to come over. He calls me at 3 & says mindy, shes in labor, shes like panting n stuff. i said Honey, just come- you need to be at christmas dinner(i thought he was making it up). 3:15 he calls me back, "shes having one. its like coming out, oh my gosh, i got-ta- i gott-a go." It was an hour til the 2nd one came. then 10-15 min between each one. I got home around 6:30 from dinner, and then the last one came! She had 4 girls & 3 boys. & a good momma, despite the fact that shes very young. shes not QUITE a year old yet (neither is mufasa)
I came home one day to find her stuffed dog by the puppies & my christmas moose(it had been on the couch in the front room) also by the puppies.(i bought the previous day 50% off)

Here is my favorite puppy. a girl. snuggling up to the moose. SO cute. i want to name her something christmasy. We are only keeping one puppy. mike says i need to wait for a month more to see which personality is better. (but she doesn't whine like all the others when i hold her. :) ) anyways...i never thought i'd be one of those "wierdo dog people who post about their dogs" haha. sorry everyone. I just thought i'd share cute christmas mutt puppies!

P.s. i got a camera from mike for christmas, thank goodness. had my camera for christmas day :)