i'm pooped.

i stole this little questionnaire from amy, who got it from notebook doodles...
figured it'd be a post. and i'm slacking!

Your Cell Phone? shuts off.
Your Hair? dark brown with black.
Your Mother? saint.

Your Father? stubborn.
Your Favorite Food? texas roadhouse side caesar salad.
Your Dream Last Night? no clue.
Your Favorite Drink? wow. now that i cant drink dr pepper, i dont have a favorite. water?.
Your Dream/Goal? be daring.
What Room Are You In? scrapbook room
Your Hobby?crafts.
Your Fear? losing a loved one.
Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? kids.
Where Were You Last Night? dinner with cami. amazing.
Something That You Aren’t? a risk taker
Muffins? banana nut
Wish List Item? a new laptop
Where Did You Grow Up? gilbert.
Last Thing You Did? cleaned up the house just a tad.
What Are You Wearing? work out clothes...still.
Your TV? ch. 51
Your Pets? dog. gracie. puppy. shooter.
Friends? caring.
Your Life? tiring.
Your Mood? mellow.
Missing Someone? family out of state.
Vehicle? joyous!
Something You Aren’t Wearing? necklace.
Your Favorite Store? oh.target i suppose.
Your Favorite Color? mustard yellow.dark purple.grey. blue
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? just a bit ago.
Last Time You Cried? i dont remember.
Your Best Friend? husband.
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? home.
Facebook? searching friends
Favorite Place To Eat? texas roadhouse.

for a life update: staying rather busy. still on the diet. total weight loss: probably like 2 lbs. sucks. havent had a dr pepper in 3 weeks. still walking with my friend mary. we made it ALL the way up the mountain yesterday! yayy! distance from her house to the mountain- 1.7 miles. up & down mountain- appx 1 mile. back home- 1.7 miles. oh yeah...its kicking my butt. sore again today. didnt make it all the way up today because i had somewhere to be. so we cut it short.
i'm waiting for that "AH HA" moment when my clothes are loose and the scale shows less. it hasnt happened. maybe i need to cut more out of my diet? ive been much more tired lately and sleeping very well at night. the whole no caffeine + working out. kicking my rearend!

anyways. shooter (the puppy) is still super cute. love him.
mike came home from work friday with a bouquet of white gerbera daisies! my favorite. (he said the lady at the floral shop asked...are you sure you dont want roses? haha, so she asked if he at least wanted a red bow on the vase!) for valentines we went camping. just mike & i on friday night. took gracie & shooter. it was fun. had a fire & hot dogs. it was SOOOO cold. in the middle of the night i got in the back seat of the truck instead of the bed of it. i must say it was fun looking up at the stars. but i still dont think i'm the camping type. (jill and jim can attest to that.)

work is going...just going. haha. it has its ups and downs.
i bought a sewing machine. kind of excited about it. oh my craft world has opened. once i learn how to use it! this weekend i plan on organizing my craft room & setting it up! & having my mommacita come teach me as much as she can. WOOHOO!
well thats my update. toodles


Lindsay Riggs said...

Keep up the good work! It will start to pay off!

Traci said...

thanks for the update! it's hard work-but it will pay off! Lovin all the crafts you're doin!

Mom said...

You're doing awesome with the workout stuff! Keep it up! Fun to read your post!

Tim and Amy said...

yeah for an update. :o)

now you need to post a pic of yourself! keep up the awesome work. this week has killed me because i've been so busy and all over the place. no time to workout and no time to make healthy meals at home. hope to get back to that tonight.