whistle while you work.

or don't.

i am job searching for the first time since Sept of '05.

and oh boy. i'm only one week in. haha.

i applied at University of Phoenix.

maybe at Mcqueen Park Activity Center.

here's the key...i need benefits.

anyone have a great job- or KNOW someone else with a great job...that is HIRING?

:) thanks. really

p.p.s. THANK YOU jill for my sweet new header :) love it


umm. target = calling 911

yes. are you confused?

well lets go back a month or so ago... i was on my way to my bridal shower & witnessed a car accident. i was the first one to stop that had a CELL PHONE. therefore...i had to call 911. i made it to my bridal shower with i think 10 min to spare.

today. i went to target. got some new shoes, and mike a shirt. and i'm on my way up to the front, through the baby section. and i hear this lady saying HELP HELP. i get on that baby isle & her baby boy 1 1/2 yrs old is seizuring. i ask if they want me to call 911, and then i did. this mother is histerical. her sister (i think) and twin nieces are with her. her sister is holding him...

they asked me where we were. cross roads. target, on gilbert & southern. age of the boy. one n a half. is he breathing?yes. is he alert? his eyes are open, but no. is he still seizing? yes. and he threw up. he needs t0 be on his side. make sure he is on his side. does he have a fever? yes he is hot. take off all his clothes. get a wet wash cloth (we are in the middle of target mind you.) and then is he still breathing? Yes. but his lips are turning blue now. (did i mention about 10 employees are surrounding us & the security lady(she got the wet paper towel. and other customers.) ok we really need to monitor his breathing. ok he is breathing fine. i know you guys are in the middle of the store, but do you have anything you can fan him with, paper or anything? i repeated this to all the people and a guy holds up his movie he is gonna buy & i said thats great. so the mom is fanning her son with a movie. is he alert? is he still seizing? his eyes are still open, he stopped seizing. ok, and he is just panting now. kind of wimpering. his eyes are closed now. ok just stay on the phone with me until they get there.

so this went on for a good 10 minutes before the paramedics got there. the mom was down on the ground wiping his forehead & crying. i am trying to communicate to the lady on the phone and the family of the boy. the paramedics got there and took over...and asked everyone to walk away but the family. i walked away and got a few other things & then went to pay & they were taking him out on a stretcher.

as i walked out & saw the ambulance & firetruck drive away... my eyes started to well up. i dont really like witnessing these stressful things. i imagined my own nephew. and i imagined the girl i have worked with at work- she actually has small seizures. i realized i need to be greatful for my health. for all i have. and what an amazing family i have. i do enjoy being a good citizen, and helping others. i felt good about being able to respond quickly to a scared mother in need of help.


take your place, make your mark, live your life.

things are starting to get organized over here.

saturday i hung up pictures by the door {instead of this hideous mirror that has a sticker indicating "lights" above the light switches}

i took a bunch of stuff to goodwill.

we took a truck load of garbage out.

my scrapbook stuff it mostly organized.

i did 3 - 12x12 pages yesterday.

a few pages in this other small book.

i paid multiple medical bills yesterday. {i guess being sick for so long...is really biting me in the butt now. and i can't get them to take this blood work off that i DIDNT need. cholesterol testing. instead of liver testing. come on now. ugh.}

i got to drive his remote control car thing around. and i used up the battery. he he.

mike built spencer a plane.

{on a side note:}
i decided i am allergic to sugar. and i think i shall get tested to make sure, and see what else i am allergic to. because the swollen lymphnodes & earaches...just aren't workin out for me.


married for 9 days.


so it all went fairly well. i mean. it was good. the wedding day. friday. may 2nd.

we stayed the night at a marriot in scottsdale. it was really nice.

saturday we left around noon for Ocean Side, CA.

it was all fine and dandy. we arrived at the Ocean Side Marriot. it was reallly nice.

until it hit me. i was nauseous & had no idea why. then came 12:30 am. saturday night/sunday morning.

the flu or food poisoning got the best of me. mike slept through it thankfully while i was using the restroom & hurling.(sorry for those that get a little queasy)

so sunday morning mike ran out to get me something for it. he returned & then HE was nauseous & sick.

Its exactly what you're thinking...what a great honeymoon--- seeing eachother at our worst ever. mmhmm. just perfect.

oh man. so we came home sunday and arrived at about 6 pm.

the next couple of days was filled with being nauseous. and being lazy. then it was over when we both went back to work on thursday.

i will post wedding pics soon.

check: Oh Snap Photos & Fireflies Photography
if they aren't on there today. they will be soon.