puppy update.

yes yes. i know i'm the "dog lady" now haha.

heres an update. soooo i came home from work and decided with the big storm tonight i'd let the puppies sleep in the bathroom! wellll gracie doesnt like being in there too much. so i opened the door and told her to stay....and then this is what i see...

puppies running out with gracies head peaking out! hah. (notice the pup walking toward me, shes a monster! and the only one with fur that sticks out all over! shes way bigger than the rest)

my cute lil noel...? hah. not named yet.

all walkin around, tails waggin!! i love it

mike said tonight..."its gonna be so hard to give them away.." yup thats why we're keeping one...or two if we disagree on which one to keep! :) he he

anywho... life is good. i had food poisoning last weekend.(good ol' filiBs! nasty. never thrown up so much in 2 hrs in my life. not even in a year. :( work is going well. i'm ready for the weekend. for sure. except mike has a scout overnight thing. & fixing his tranny. so glad hes a mechanic!
OHHH i found someone (i'm 76% sure) that wants mufasa. our male dog. so thats good. no more pups for us! haha. & the big chunker pup? mikes brother is taking- his kiddos & wife begged him! yayyyyy! mike wants to keep the one with white feet. sooo if you know anyone that would be interested in a puppy...let me know!!!!


kate lines said...

i bet that is crazy! so many puppies running around... dont you wish you could keep all of them?

Mom said...

The puppies are cute! That's a lot to take care of!! Good job Lou! Never would have guessed you'd enjoy it so much! Love you!

Lindsay Riggs said...

I bet your house is so crazy with all those puppies right now! :)

Traci said...

They are so cute! But...that's a LOT of dogs...NO thanks :) haha. Hope you find some nice peeps to take some of them.

Heather said...

Super cute! When can people pick them up?

Tahnee said...

i would want one if travis would let me.... haha

Tim and Amy said...

you are so good with them, that's awesome. but seriously just get rid of all of them ;o)

i think snow & ginger should stay. mufasa & the rest of the gang should take off. okay, i'm rude.

love ya! you know i'm kidding - sort of.

Heather said...

I might want one. I just have to talk to Vance first. How much are they? By the way, Im still waiting to see the updates to your home, GIRL!

Heather said...

So the hubby said no. I hope they find great homes! thx anyways!

kate lines said...

hey dog lady-

i'd like to see your pretty face. please.


jill s said...

they are ADORABLE!!

i bet amy wants one.

p.s. i agree with kate.

i want to see a pic of your cute face.