60+ WHAT?!

haha. i worked (as of today) 60+ hours this week! 55 from mon-fri!


yesterday i found a huge dent on my car. when i left their house. oh joy.

today we are gonna look at it & then look on their neighbors car and figure out the culprit.
i was a wreck when i left yesterday. (thanks mom for talking to me!)

anywho... life is good. getting up early is getting lots easier.
rolling in money is pretty easy too.
oh and the mom gave me 7 jeans yesterday...yes the BRAND 7... :) i was pretty excited! they are a tad big...but WHO CARES! i'm a cheapo and would NEVER spend more than 30 bucks on a pair of jeans.

So anyways...once i again i need to leave for work...haha. 9-2 or 3 today.

TOODLES! :) have a great day. enjoy yourselves.

mike is great.


worn out.

and rolling in the dough.

so i worked 6 days this week.

which is appx 56-60 hours.

last week i worked 48.5 hours. 5 days.

so i leave the house at about 6:30 am and get home appx 7 pm.

yesterday the parents were in and out all day...packing. they are moving about 20 minutes closer.

so thats real good. that means i get 20 min more sleep a night. and get home 20 minutes earlier.

on a lighter note...i do maggies hair everyday...for fun. and thursday i was just going to braid the front of her hair & i decided to try out the French braid...i hadn't ever tried before....and the next thing i know....i did the wrap around the side of her head & i did it! i was so excited.

anyways...mike is starting to work out with one of our friends and so he isn't missing me too much! (like he would admit that anyways)

but i love my job. the family is very nice. and i get next friday & saturday off to go to snowflake. crossing my fingers anyways...because they are moving this week. and they had planned on the 18 &19...until i asked to go out of town :)

so i can tell i'm boring you now.

but here is a run down of my day...
feed adam breakfast.
cook maggie scrambled eggs while she colors.
10 am. both down for a nap.
12 lunch time.
sing - i'm bringin home a baby bumble bee, i'm so glad when daddy{mommy} come home, itsy bitsy spider, abc's, do re mi song(sound of music).

adam goes down for another nap.
read with maggie, the same books everyday.
turn on shania twain while she dances to OH oh oh.
adam gets up, we play. and sing the songs again.
i need more songs. SO this is where you email me kid songs. :) or games for a 2 1/2 yr old :)

haha. thanks