and i just wanted to let you all know!

nothing else to say. :)



Tawni's Golden Birthday is today!!! She's 20 on the 20th :) SO i made her 20 frames to go on her wall in her room...

Tawni...thank you for always being there for me & being such an amazing friend. you ROCK!


JU S grimy t
BEL Is For...Ie V uppercase E || Vinings, GA

believe everything will work out for the best.
believe in yourself.
believe in God.
believe in your family.
believe that there is definitely a greater plan for you than you have for yourself.
believe that no matter what, your family has your back.
believe that life goes on. no matter what.
just believe that starting a new chapter in my life might make me uneasy, but its alright.
just believe.

this is what life is all about--- new experiences


Do something for yourself...

What have you done for yourself this week?

monday: went to the park, fed ducks, wrote in my journal. i bought myself a shirt that says: Follow New Trails-& has a dove on it.- from aero. & scrapped a page of my emotions.

tuesday: took a three hour nap.

Thursday: i bought myself some soft m&m cookies. went with tawni to grandpa & nanas for grandpas bday. went to dennys to celebrate his bday. (yes, we are basically family :)

Friday: went and held cute baby Easton while Traci & Scott & his bro & wife played tennis. then i got my turn of trying it out. i didn't do quite as horrible as i imagined. (or as they imagined either)

Saturday: i bought crest whitening strips. i went and got a much needed hair cut. Tawni dyed my hair --->its dark brown again with the slightest hint of red.i played tag in Walmart with Tawni, her aunt Christie and her grandma last night.

today: going to the park. going to write in my journal. and just breathe.

its okay to do something for yourself. if you can simply have 10 minutes to just breathe, create, write, whatever makes you feel good. do it.



Make life SO much better!

Thank you for being so amazing!
Listen HERE for a song that describes what these woman do for me :)



What do you think?

Its got a lot of red it in. Traci did it for me last night. no one has noticed(just mom), besides the two people traci told. haha. and my dad & jade of course who i told.



Another week has come and gone.

*work is interesting- its keeps me on my toes. never know what to expect from morgan.

i have found a new song i really like. from the previous american idol winner...Jordan Sparks. its called Tattoo: (despite the fact i REALLY wanted blake to win.... )
and you can find it HERE

anyways... i am taking it easy. Thought i was getting sick this week, but i feel better thankfully.
I don't have insurance till Sept. 18, since i have to work 90 days before i get it through the GPS District. Kind of sucks since i have such a crappy immune system. but i pray i can hold out just a month without getting sick.

Things that keep me excited:
*Tawni Crowe (my best friend) just got hired to work at Houston Elm.& will be starting in 3 weeks!!! SOOOO excited.
*Christmas this year!! all siblings, spouses, and their children here. SO STOKED!!
*Sept 23rd...Jill & Sage & Emerson COMING!! Wooohoo! for a WEEK!
*I just got my free scrapping stamps in the mail i won. can't wait to use them.
*I am reading Twilight. its 500 pgs, and i'm on 350 i think. Started it last week. Can't wait to finish and start the next in the series.
*OH and my hair is officially getting long. i can put it ALL up :) woohoo.

I'm going to get my toes painted and my car washed now. Much needed : BOTH!

& THANKS JILL for my new super cool header :)

I hope you have a fantabulous day :)

p.s. my sister just sent me the link to THIS and i didn't even remember i did it way back in 2005. go check it out.

EDIT: I finished Twilight yesterday, I read the last 150 pages :) AND i found out that it is Janelle Dewitts AUNT that wrote em!! (AMY...that was for you! haha)