Our shower is ALMOST done.
yes, i know i think i said ONE week, its been like 3.
grout needs to be done on the whole thing & then the floor tile.
that'll be nice when its done. maybe they'll work on it tonight?

umm... i hope i have a job next year! things are looking quite grim in the education area. its ridiculous what they are doing in the schools. cutting back in areas that they shouldn't! i'm 100% sure that cutting back on aids in special education classrooms is NOT the answer. if they want to see the children PROGRESS- they need the help in those classrooms. its so sad. the teacher in our classroom is "riffed" for now. which is So ridiculous. I'm sure she'll have her job, but its dumb how much they put teachers & aids through. just like last year. Waiting til the end of June to find out if we have a job or not. i don't like waiting games.

i don't like waiting games of any sort.

anyways... while laying in bed on sunday night after a "fun, eventful evening" i got a text from jill. it was a picture message. and it was my NAME written by Sabrina Ward Harrison. Author of my favorite book Spilling Open!! it basically made my night. Jill got to spend the weekend with her at a workshop in Seattle. (JEALOUS!) But i had sent jill a package to deliver to Sabrina- a hair wrap. And so it was a nice surprise that jill asked her to do that for me! :)


Tahnee said...

i know mindy! i cannot believe what they are doing to the kids education nowadays! it blows my mind!!!!

that is so cool that jill got to go to that workshop and that is so sweet of you to give her that hairwrap! your so sweet!

hope you are doing well, miss ya girl :)

Lindsay Riggs said...

The whole education situation is just sickening. It stinks for everyone. Sabrina has nice handwriting! :)

jill s said...

i really really hope that you still have your job dear.

and i'm happy that your name made you happy. i'll send it off by the end of the week!

Mom said...

Your name looks neat! How fun! And I totally agree with you on the education mess! I hope prop 100 passes! And I hope you have a job next year! I'm sure grateful to know that I do! Love you!!!

Traci said...

waiting does suck. I hope this education thing gets figured out soon! you're name looks awesome!

Tim and Amy said...

total bummer about jobs in az for education. i'm so sorry to hear about all you guys are going through!!!

toooo cute! that's awesome of sabrina... and you for sending her a hair wrap!

i bet you can't wait to enjoy your new shower! that'll be sweet when its done.

glad your 'fun' is over with! ;o)