What a summer! haha. I'm supposed to be working with three different kids! One kid tues/wed. another one thurs/friday mornings. another one thurs/fri afternoons! WELLL....its always been one kid or another out of town. camping. on a trip...you know. its SUMMER! So i haven't actually had a full week of work yet! craziness! It has been nice though to relax just a bit & take mike lunch. finish my table and chairs...i know i know i need to upload them! (dont forget i dont have the internet!) i'm working on printing some business cards for Blueyedesign! its kinda tricky when you do it yourself!!! I heard back and i HAVE MY JOB at houston!!! pretty stoked about that! what a relief!! ummm... lets see. Thats all folks!

Amy asked for an update! so there it is...i'm boring! haha.