the birth story...

Here I am on Monday September 17, 8:00 pm. The last belly shot! 39.4 weeks!

Here's Mike- just drank an energy drink on the way to the hospital- ready to be a dad! I love this picture!! We got to the hospital a bit early in hopes of seeing our friends Patrick & Kelli's baby, but they were in a discharge class, so we ended up signing in early. good thing too because it took some time for them to get us a room & for the lady to do the paperwork.

 Finally, they took us to room #3 in L&D about 5 after 9. 11:00pm they had me take cervydil to start thinning/softening...she checked me first & i was still 1cm dilated & she said MAYBE 80% thinned. I was showing contractions every few minutes before the pill...but i could actually feel them once i took it! they got stronger & stronger...and because i was contracting well- didn't need the 2nd dose at 3 am! Around 5-6 am i was in SO much pain with each contraction...i was crying. She tried giving me pain meds through my IV- and it didn't help at all! Gradually they got worse & i couldn't handle it...8 am, she had the anesthesiologist come in & do my Epidural! (HEAVEN SENT-kudos to all of you who do it natural) They called the Dr to make sure i could get the epidural...& she showed up right after to check me & break my water... She said i was 3 cm & 100% thinned. So then the waiting game...Traci, Amy & Mom all got there the same time as Dr Messer. So we all hung out while my EPI kicked in...strange feeling. Rotating every hour, half hour left side right side.straight. She checked me around 9:30 and i was a 5-6. She checked me at 12:00 and i was COMPLETE!! :) She called Dr. messer & in the mean time started having me practice push at about 12:30. It was easy & i was comfortable & calm! (again....epidurals are heaven sent for a girl who has 0 pain tolerance!) The nurse could already see her full head of hair!! Dr Messer showed up at about 12:40....and the real pushing started...on one side, the stirrup thing was broken & mike had to hold my leg up the whole time! (real nice) I pushed about 4 times with each contraction & she was out at 1:08 pm. 8 lbs 11 oz. 21 inches long!!! She has a FULL head of DARK gorgeous locks! :) they put her on my chest & it finally felt real. (& the fact that i was getting some stitches & had a little feeling made it feel real too! haha) I just couldn't believe i had just brought this sweet baby girl into the world! She was amazing. she had a tight grip on my finger right away! I loved it! Mike was AWESOME helping me throughout the whole thing!!
This picture is after her first bath- when one of the nurses gave her the first hair do! the faux hawk! After her bath she got to meet her Grandma Riggs- her birthday buddy. Glad we got to keep the tradition rolling. (my mom was born on her grandmas bday, my sister amy was born on our grandmas bday & now presley gets to share my mom & her great great grandmas bday!)
She got to meet her Aunt Amy too after! :) She got LOTS of love on her birthday!
Mom & traci brought me lots of yummy treats(that i couldn't have while prego!) & while She was getting her first bath...i enjoyed myself a cake pop while Dr. Messer was still in the room! After we were all settled...Amy was kind enough to bring us some real yummy food..Pei Wei! it was yummy & so nice to eat carbs for lunch!
We had Mikes sister Julie & her husband Greg to visit  & our niece Hannah was able to come as well! Then my brother Ryan & his family came to see her too! She's stealing everyones hearts! :) We love her so much!!


less than 48 hours...

It's still very surreal that she will be joining us so soon...the whole 9 months went by very fast.

Last appt was last tuesday- 2 days shy of being 39 weeks. U/S shows she is measuring about 8lbs. 15 oz.
Scheduled induction because of gestational diabetes...go in tomorrow night at 9 pm to start the process...then tuesday morning speed things up with pitocin & break my water!

we can't wait to meet this sweet girl who constantly kicks, punches, knees, & headbutts me! :) Hopefully she's a little sweet angel...after a rough pregnancy!! She was worth every headache, stomachache, barfing morning, and pain and ache.

Mike is super nervous but i know he will be a great dad!! I think it'll hit me tomorrow night on our way to the hospital that i'll leave there a momma!

Next post...baby girl!!


can't wait to meet my PJ girl

had my 38.5 week appt today! Crazy how time is flying. my last 2 appts, there was zero progress.

i had protien in my urine last week & my blood pressure was a tad high. so i had to do a 24 hr urine sample. (LAME) & i had already scheduled an U/S for today 2 weeks ago.

SO today...PROGRESS finally! all the cramps & aches...made progress! i'm at 1 cm & 80% thinned. YAY! She scheduled me to be induced early next week, because of gestational diabates- she doesn't like us to go over our due date! I had my U/S after my appt & baby girl was practicing her breathing & it was so amazing to watch her little belly. I got a cute picture of her nose/face & her hand covering her mouth the whole time! She's precious & i CANNOT wait to meet her! If i don't go into labor on my own...i'm scheduled to go in on Tues, September 18th at 3 pm! (my moms bday!) but chances are she won't come til the 19th.

anyways... we are excited & can hardly wait to meet this sweet girl!

they estimated her weight from the U/S to be 8 lbs. 15 oz.! lets hope its really 7 lbs 15 oz! haha