what makes me happy.

first. listen to this song. i tried embedding it. but it wouldn't work. really...listen to it. it inspired me today.

i decided i needed to tell you all what makes me happy. and grateful. i have posts full of complaints. thats not what i am all about. so here it goes.

  1. Mike; his hugs. he never yells. he is frugal. he loves me just the way i am. i love how he supports me no matter what.
  2. Music; it makes me laugh. cry. happy. sad. music is so important to me. and singing.
  3. Family; yes. they make my life so much better. they listen. they tell me what i need to hear. even if i don't want to hear it.
  4. Friends; yes...you. listening ears. non-judgemental. shopping. lunch dates.
  5. Little children; its true. they make me smile. i was in line tonight buying dinner for myself, and this mom and her little kids were in front of me and the mom said...she dressed herself today- i feel like i need to tell people that. Her kids were adorable! i think its so great that children have this power to make me smile. i don't care where or what we're doing. i love kids. babies, toddlers, whatever. this section includes my cute nieces and nephews too.
  6. Flowers; they calm me. gerberas, dahlias, a beautiful flower just soothes me. i should go buy some tonight.
  7. Seeing a loved one after months of not being able to see them. this makes me cry happy tears. the only time i EVER cry happily. really. so when my sisters come to visit i am ecstatic. i wanna spend all my time hanging out with them. this leads to the next...
  8. Internet; without it, my phone bill would be sky rocketing. this is how i stay connected with my siblings. in and out of state. not sure what i'd do if i didnt have it.
  9. Church and hymns and connections there. makes it so much easier having sweet people there who i know so well. love it.
  10. Short trips. If mike was gone any longer...i'd really go nuts. i miss him already. and no i'm not trying to be cheesy lovey dovey. but this is the longest i've gone without him.

SO. go. think about what makes you grateful. what makes you happy. this isn't everything that makes me happy. the list goes on. enjoy your night.

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crossing my fingers

i got a call from HOUSTON elm today.

they want me. {i knew it}

they offered me a position in the SPICE program. {autism preschool}

and they are trying to get the paperwork done pronto to see if HR calls me and offers me the job fast. {so i can call harris and tell them i got in at houston}

so i am more than thrilled to say that i may be working with
{KATE} and everyone else i love so much there.

so here is to a great day. hoping everything works out and i don't have to go spend $65 to take a test to say how smart {or not} i am.

thanks houston. i knew you loved me. deep deep down.

p.s. sorry for so many posts.


new day. new breath of fresh air.

i had an interview at Harris Elementary today.
{houston elm was full}

i went in and she said it wasn't so much an interview as it was to see if i wanted the position.
i have to go take an academic test on friday in phoenix, if i pass- i get the job.
its a math, reading, and writing test.

i will probably be working in the Autism preschool. i'm excited.
i could potentially start the beginning of next week.

mike is feeling {blue}. fever [103], swollen glands, no bueno. never seen him like this before. he said he has never missed a day of work for being sick until today. soooo...this means he really doesn't feel good. he leaves for utah thurs night though...so he better get well soon!

so things are looking up. hopefully i can get a fast start on this job.

p.s. i finally made my own header.



well. this may come as a little bit of a surprise.

if you are one of the 6+ that already know. sorry.

i quit my nannying job.
and now i
{breathe a sigh of relief}

*i had convinced myself it was good. probably because of the money i was bringing in.
*i had convinced myself that i began to enjoy driving 40 minutes each way.
*i had convinced myself that i enjoyed working 11 hour days.
*i had convinced myself that everything was dandy.
*i had convinced myself that my headaches & nausea had to be something else.

but much to my surprise {or not} it was stress. tension headaches.
*stress from not being able to get things done at home.
*stress from working 55-60 hour weeks.
*stress from eating organic food all day {haha}
*stress from their stress stressing me out while i was home not feeling good.
*stress from not being able to make my house perfect because i was tired after a 12 hour day.

SO. here i am. i wish i could say i feel 100% better. but my shoulders hurt. and i've had a bit of a headache today. i am here hanging out with my paparooni while mi madre is in Michigan. its nice to not have to worry about waking up at 5. or driving far. or not being able to make my hubby dinner.
**thank you jill for pushing me to make that call i was terrified to make & understanding.
{its been a fun adventurous week} or not.

i'm super excited to work at the gilbert schools again. and have benefits & holidays off. and time to DECORATE our lil place.

i'm still trying to find a song to post. give me a few minutes. thanks for listening to me ramble & rant & complain. here are some of the things i've been missing a lot since i started that job...

Random crafts for babyshowers...or scrapbooking just for myself. i love it.

I also love having enough time to make the house looks nice & tidy. its a rare occasion. but yesterday i got to do all the dishes, clean our room, put away all the clothes, come to my parents and do all my laundry, clean up the bathroom. it felt so good.but i want to decorate more and organize more.

BUT most of all...i'm excited to spend more time with my hubby & stay up a little later watching movies. i KNOW he's excited i won't be getting irritated trying to go to sleep early :)
{this pic was taken on our drive home from our 1 day honeymoon...both not feeling so well :)}


just another day in paradise


first off. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sage :) 4 is one of my favorite ages. {really.}

second. this is my second day being off work. monday afternoon i got a bad headache & nausea and threw up on my way home from work. {sorry if thats tmi.}

so i've been semi nauseous off and on for 2 days. so much fun. and random mild achey head.
i'm taking ginseng root pills now. {thanks to mikes mom being into health and everything. i really hope it helps.}

on a better note...mike is super sweet & came home for lunch today. and took my car to get a quote from his friend on getting my dent fixed. and is stayin late changing my oil.

um. lets see. how are you? how is your life? i would like to get to know all of you better.
please tell me something i do NOT know about you. this should be fun.

and i got tagged!

Tag: NaMe 7 ThInGs YoU wOuLd NeVeR sAy!

Mike- can we go flying today?

OH no...why did you put ketchup on that?!
Mike- i really wish you would think about planes more.

Can i have more green beans?!
i don't like kids
I love my feet.
Mike- can we watch hot rod? hahaha
7 things Mike would never say:

i would rather stay here with you than fly with landon
Mindy- could you grill some hamburgers?
do i look good in this?
YES...my airplane broke. woohoo
yes, i would love to go see the sisterhood of the traveling pants with you.
no mindy...i'm full...i dont want any more food :)

i tag: Jill, Amy, Traci &Lindsay


come away with me....

to michigan.

finally...its been since October 15, 2005 @ 7:30 a.m. when jill, sage, and jim moved drove off to michigan. {mmhmm i remember the day & time jilly.}

one of the harder days i've had in my life. {no joke}

SO...i have never had a job where i made enough money to buy a plane ticket to go to see there house, where they live & spend time with just them. ever.
{lifetime fitness, babysitting, houston elm}

so i am proud to say...i bought a plane ticket to go see Jill, jim, sage & Emerson in michigan.

i will be gone sept 25-29.

{i am so ridiculously excited!!!! i can hardly stand it!}

this is the first song i thought of with this post. happy & yellow :)