one year down. eternity to go.

Our anniversary was yesterday!

when we woke up mike turned to me and said "this has been the best year of my life" aww.

ok so we went & made a mortgage payment in morning. we went and ate at Senor Tacos. eh it was alright. then...
we headed to the ZOO! :) it was fun. mike hadn't been in 7 years. (i went with our class just 2 mo. ago) we had fun! one of the monkeys came in a bush right up close to us- that was cool.

so we had a blast! then we watched the 1st three X-Men movies. because friday night we had gone to the x-men wolverine movie...so we had to refresh our memories. & in between 2 movies we went to dinner with our friends patrick & kelli to texas roadhouse!

we had an eventful day! :)

i'm glad i'm such a lucky girl to have mike!!!

i brought the wrong camera cord to tracis house today so i can't post them!!! :)


Tim and Amy said...

happy anniversary. sorry i forgot!

jill s said...

i still cant believe you're married!!

happy anniversary!!!

love you.

Sage and Kelly said...

YAYYY! happy anniversary... we celebrated our 2 week yesterday, hahahaha.. oh man.

riggsfam said...

I don't know why I was thinking it was on the 5th...glad you had a good day!

Traci said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mom said...

It sounds like you had a good day! I'm glad you found the zoo okay and had fun there! Love you!