gracie lou!
i was leaving yesterday & when i was gonna get in my car i saw THIS:
don't mind my reflection! anyways...her cute little tag, was necessary after she ESCAPED the backyard while i was gone. i was a mess...driving all over the neighborhood trying to find her!! then finally the neighbor across the street came out with her! goodness! pheeew. anyways. i'm loving having company at home all the time! i'm also watching a little chihuahua mix dog for a girl at work...teacher in the classroom i work! shes great! anyways...

heres my SWEET find from target:cute eh eh?

hopefully i can update this more often! well or buy the internet. hmmm.


jill s said...

SUCH a cute picture of the dog!!!

i can't wait to meet her in person.

and i'm sure amy can't either! ;)

and the slippers are so cute...i've seen them at target!

hope you're having a good weekend!

miss you.


Love Cami. said...

haha well getting the internet would be good...that pic is so stinken cute! i love the doggie tag.

okay i have to say this... do you totally understand now how i felt when i lost baxter at brookes!...and your husband was laughing and saying he probably got hit by a car! poop head... but i still love him dont you worry.. i walked around her neighborhood balling my eyes out!!!! it was horrid.

...and dont get mad at your husband about that comment, im over it, it's just funny thinking back on... :)

riggsfam said...

Sounds like fun times with the dog. :) Cute new header!

Tim and Amy said...

fun stuff. cute pic of the dog and i don't like dogs! :o)

funky sweet slippers!

i want to see pics of your fancy meals you'll be making after grocery shopping... and do you use your xmas gift?

Traci said...

Cute little doggie! Fun slippers

Sage and Kelly said...

I love Gracie (not Daisy), your owl slippers and burglars that turn out to be dog cages. We are silly.

katelines photography. said...

this whole no internet thing sucks.

i can't wait for tomorrow. we need bikini bods. yes?