Gracie Lou.

we have a new addition to our family!!! :)

our new puppy. Gracie Lou Hermann!

she is a australian shephard/queensland heeler mix!

here she is:

better pictures to come soon!!!


jill s said...


sage loves her already.

riggsfam said...

Good thing we're only using Grace as a middle name, not a first name! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun raising a puppy! How big will it get?

Traci said...

So cute! Congrats! Need some new family pictures done?

Tim and Amy said...

i thought you said a different name on the phone yesterday!!!!???

(yes, lindsay my friend just had a baby and named her grace!)

katelines photography. said...

oh! yay for gracie lou. can i come see her this week?

(what are you doing all week, i lost my phone, but, lets hang out.)

emma said...

(ps i just found your blog)

Love Cami. said...

aww thanks for having us over last night! im craving that salad like crazy! you're puppy is so cute!