soon to come,,,

pictures of my tables and chairs.

my cabinets are the next project, i will be doing those this week, sanding, staining & putting my rub-ons on em!

um, we put up curtains in our front room. and on the back door.

we put in a cool divider door between the kitchen & the addon room.

i've been planning my sisters baby shower. and i love it. i hope it all turns out the way i've pictured in my mind.

my inspiration came from amyatlas.com so when you come, you can tell me how i did!

Fun fun fun.

life is good. i'm ready to get back to a set schedule at the school in august! Couple of the kids i've been working with have been out of town! So i've had a lot of days off! (i'm not complaining)

:) love you all. after the shower i'll post lots of pics!!! so you can see my kitchen!


Traci said...

Can't wait to see all of it done. I REALLY can't wait for the shower...it sounds awesome!

Tim and Amy said...

thanks for the updates. i SO wish i could see your house and by there for the shower! it will be AWESOME from the sneak peeks i've gotten :o) love you chica! thanks for finding internet and keeping us updated!

jill s said...

i can't wait to see pictures!

and i SO wish i could be there for the shower! i'm sure it will be perfect!

riggsfam said...

I hope my contributions to the shower live up to the expectations! :)

Tim and Amy said...

can't wait for pics of the cabinets and everything!!!

The Bakers said...

hey woman!! it's been so long since we've seen you, and you are the reason we're together!! haha so glad to see things are going good. Me and Deak have been talking about you two for the last little while, and we wanna meet up! miss you guys!!