sweethearts & headaches

sorry its been so long. as you know we steal wi-fi from neighbors so if i CAN get on the internet, i check my email & look at a few blogs until i lose the connection. well i picked up my mom from work, so i have access at their house to do this! :) so let me update you:

{valentines} mike told me he got us tickets to WICKED{if you don't know, this is a broadway musical} this summer! woot woot! & brought me home 1/2 dozen roses in the afternoon :)

{work} stressful at times but i LOVE the kids i work with & the ladies i work with are incredible! honestly. one of our students is having a rough time & is sometime a challenge, getting hit, hitting himself, frustrations of not being able to communicate! i can't imagine!

its good. getting more time with my hubby. still making lots of wood letters & it worked out to make some more business when i went to a baby shower with my gift {ELLA} & people wanted me to do their kids! yay. & then took a Big {B} to a bridal shower! {BLUEYEDESIGN.BLOGSPOT.COM} SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!! please.
ok so life...its good. keeping MORE busy than usual with cooking nights, craft nights, & american idol of course! :) we went shooting/quading last week & that was way fun!

thats all folks. sorry. i'm boring. love you all! :)

{p.s. the headaches, really had nothing to do with the post, but i have been getting more headaches & can't figure out why.}


J.D. and Micah said...

how much do you charge for you letters?! they are so cute!

Traci said...

Hope your headaches go away...try not to stress out :)

Traci said...

OH...and I want to see pics of the "B"

riggsfam said...

When are you guys going to Wicked? My parents got us tickets for Christmas and we're going on July 21st!

Tim and Amy said...

seriously you posted last night - and i'm the 5th to post?! wowsers.

glad you are getting lots of business with the letters. keep it up lady.

glad life is good. love ya!

Mom said...

It was fun having you here and using our computer! Glad things are going well--hope the headaches leave! Love you!!