its one of my favorite colors.

and can you believe what i found when i came home today from work!?

it was SO refreshing & made me smile all giddy! wouldn't YOU smile?

yeah. i'm smiling.

& i did not plant these. {someone else did that long ago i guess}

p.s. found a GREAT steal at anthro. and at goodwill. will post those soon!


Traci said...

SO pretty!! That is awesome!!! SMILES :)

Tim and Amy said...

gorgeous sunshiny flower. that would definitely brighten up a day.

jill s said...

that is gorgeous!!!!

i'd be so excited too!

Mom said...

How fun! Beautiful flowers in your yard!!! Keep smiling! Love you!

riggsfam said...

Pretty, pretty. Even better that it was a surprise.

katelines photography. said...

i love it.

can i please have that shirt? i know, i know, you saw it first.

Tim and Amy said...

whats up stranger? you gonna post anytime soon? i need an update on your life!