thats my word for this year.

if anyone knows me...knows i take things seriously.

this year i'd like to breathe in & release all this tension...this seriousness, and simply laugh.
{yes, i realize it is not always appropriate & i will hold back when needed.}

laugh when it hurts.

laugh when i wanna cry.

laugh when kids at school can be frustrating.

laugh when my meal doesn't turn out right.

laugh when mikes joke is funny.

laugh while i'm singing in my car.

laugh when someone makes a frustrating move on the road.

laugh when things don't seem to go my way.

laugh because i finally have more room to move around, decorate and walls to have my laugh reverberate.

laugh because thats where those great wrinkles on our faces come from.

laugh because it also helps with weightloss. {i realize other action needs to be taken, just laughing will not do}

laugh. its a good idea. haha.


jill s said...

i love it lou!

i need to take things a little less seriously too.

Mom said...

Good word! I need to do that too! I definitely take things too seriously too often! I wonder if that's where you got it from! haha Love you! the picture on your header is perfect for this!

Tim and Amy said...

good choice. get laughing. i'm already laughing at the status of our nonexistent bet!

Traci said...

love love love it!!!

katelines photography. said...

i love this.

i linked you, hope thats okay.

The Carlson Family said...

cute blog! Mike thinks he has one of you guys on HIS camera, I just have to download it and it only works with his apple- but it can be done! we'll add it in!

We are the delightfully happy Denhalters said...

yeah for laughing! You are so cute mindy... i love this post.

The Carlson Family said...

The new pic is up on the halloween post- so funny!

Cami Clay Photo. said...

i think you're the best. yay for cooking night.. see you there.

riggsfam said...

Laughing IS my workout program! jk

The Carlson Family said...

not yet! hopefully by the due dat this sund- i REALLY don't want to be induced!

Cami Clay Photo. said...

you guys should have come shooting with us! I don't know why that connection didn't happen..

I've been craving that salad ever since we left on Monday. I think I need to go to rehab.

Cami Clay Photo. said...

I just saw your sister Jills blog and she looks like she makes some mean rolls... do I hear cooking night calling?

Stoddard's said...

gross, i'm sorry, makes me never want to go in a hottub!