the boutique is over.

And it went well? I came out on top, i made money. :) that was my goal. Got 2 orders for Big letters! exciting!!! BUT... there was some suppppper cute booths. i bought two headbands, a ring, a purse & some other little doo-dads. hehe. BUT i did some trading for most of it! great!
Just dont look at the hideous girl sitting at the table.

I made 140 bows. gahhhh. haha. but i'm taking them to the school i work at on tues to let all the teachers buy some! i've had a few requests! it got ReALLY hot the last few hours of the boutique but the turn out was good and i had fun!


Mom said...

you look darling! don't you dare call yourself hideous!!! Your set up was so cute! Nice job! It was fun to see all the stuff that was being sold. Good job with the trading! Love you!!

Tim and Amy said...

good for you! wish i could enlarge the pic so i COULD look at YOU behind there! :o) nice work. hope you sell lots at work!

jill s said...

that is so fun!!!!

your set up looks adorable!

and i agree. i wish i could see your cute face up close.

i miss you like crazy mindy.

Lindsay Riggs said...

Don't you ever call yourself hideous again! Awesome job on the set up! I'm sure it was tons of work getting things together! Good job!

Traci said...

turned out great! :)

jill s said...

just had to come back again and say i miss you. lots. i wish you could come and visit me.