70 spots of red.

i'm not laughing. {this is a bad way to start off the year!}

last sunday morning, getting ready to take a shower before church & i FREAK...i see red spots. i run into mike & show him, then i see my BACK covered in red spots. well, i started thinking i had the chicken pox. i got the vaccine so i never had them as a child. i ended up going to the dermatologist first thing monday morning. he knows what it is RIGHT when he sees it.

he asked me...hot tub? i sadly grumbled, yesss. he then replied, you have hot tub folliculitis.
{i mean really, they couldn't come up with a better name?!}

we were given a hot tub from a friend. we were really excited to get it working. we got it treated with chemicals and all.
WELL...we all got in last thurs. good times. until sunday rolled around. YIKES!

{Folliculitis begins as a red, tender area at or near the base of one or more strands of hair. It turns into a small, raised area of skin that contains pus (pustule) and often itches or burns. When these pustules break open, they may drain pus and/or blood.

The pustules that develop with deep folliculitis are usually larger, more painful, and longer-lasting than those from mild (superficial) folliculitis. Deep folliculitis can also lead to other skin infections that generally cause more pain and discomfort, such as a boil (furuncle) or carbuncle. Carbuncles may also cause a fever and make you feel ill.

"Hot tub folliculitis" typically appears about 72 hours after you have been in a hot tub or spa. Many small pustules appear on your torso and sometimes your arms and legs. You may have a mild fever and feel ill. This type of folliculitis usually goes away on its own within 7 to 10 days.}

THIS IS A FRIENDLY REMINDER. if you plan on hot tubbing this winter, make sure there is enough chlorine, in a neighborhood hot tub, in a friends, AND in your own!

sorry if i grossed you out. just thought i'd inform the public of something i had never heard of.


Mom said...

I'm glad the mystery is solved and hope that it goes away soon! You are cute the way you say you're informing the public! Love you! (I'm first!)

Traci said...

Hope it goes away! No more hot tubbing! lol

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

thats funny but not funny but my sister was at the dermatologist and told me she saw you there. and then she was like "i wonder why mindy was at the derm." and im like, "jamie, would you really ask someone why they were at the dr's? what if its something embarrassing!" and she was like "oh yeah, youre right, that wouldnt have been a good idea." haha! poor girlie! im so sorry, that does NOT sound fun!

Tim and Amy said...

you crack me up! i was going to call you back and say tell your friends to put more chemicals in - didn't realize it was YOURS! haha. at least now you know and other people won't get the same thing! :o)

J.D. and Micah said...

Oh that is HORRIBLE! hope they all get better soon!

riggsfam said...

Yuck. My friend actually posted about getting this a couple of weeks ago. So weird!

Love Cami. said...


I love your new pic of you and your letter babies..

Suzanne and Davey Maughan said...

yeah she had a mole removed for possible cancer. haha. thats funny. are you getting any better? did he say how long the bumps would stay there?

jill s said...

my friends family has it right now!! crazy i had never heard of it before now!!

hope you're all better!!