yes, thats where you can find us.

i will post more pics once we've:
hung up pictures
painted the table
reupholster the chairs
and paint the cabinets & wall


jill s said...

so cute!

Cami Clay Photo. said...

Im so happy for you! We are coming tonight as long as my sickness stays under wraps. I cant wait!

riggsfam said...

Fun times! I'm sure you'll do an awesome job sprucing it up!

Cami Clay Photo. said...

I've been trying all morning to email you the pic of my letter and it refuses to work. So I posted it on my blog... will you be able to take it from that?

Mom said...

It's looking cute already! Good job!

Brian Clay said...

It appears that some sort of small fuzzy creature has fixed itself upon the lower part of Mike's face.