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Eight things I am passionate about: christ. mike. friends. crafting. my job. family. music. eating.

Eight words or phrases I use the most: oh blessed day! i love you! are you kidding? k? {after many phrases to check if mike is following...} oh wow. oh my gosh! toodles! holy crap.

Eight things I want to do before I die: have kids, move into my house, learn to be a better person, and a better wife, have more kids, go to another country, not be so nervous in a new environment, eat something new. {we'll save that for when i'm dying}

Eight things I need right now: chocolate, money, paint, pack, clean the kitchen, to clean our room, PACK, finish some letters{wood}.

Eight places I want to visit: CO{amy} MI{jill}, switzerland{world report}, england {the amazing accents} New York, Australia {accents/animals} france, hawaii...i guess.

Eight favorite restaurants: Texas Roadhouse, applebees, Subway, Pei Wei, Chipotle, Sonic, little caesars, red robin

Eight TV shows I watch: ANTM, Stylista, news, what not to wear, hannah montana, thats so raven, king of queens, did i mention we dont have cable? haha.

Eighth folder, Eighth picture:
i tag: jill. amy. traci. lindsay.


riggsfam said...

Pretty picture. Was this a tag?

jill s said...

i love that picture too!

and i was SHOCKED that gecko wasn't on your top 8!!

riggsfam said...

So it was a tag. :) And now I'm tagged...

Tim and Amy said...

thats a cute tag. love your answers. oh - and i used to not like chipotle in AZ and now i love it! :o)

love the pic chica. love ya

Mom said...

Love the post and the pic!! Love you!

J.D. and Micah said...

haha i love these tags!