bite me.

don't be fooled.

i got bit today at work. {just thought it would catch your attention with the title of the post, so i could get many readers & business for the rest of this post!}

i just have a lump and a small bruise. and of course...it wasn't a bite out of anger towards me...just happened because of anxiety, frustration, and sadness. i almost cried on my way to the nurses office as i thought about how confused that child is. and i was shocked it happened. by no means was he trying to hurt me though. thats not like any of our kids.

anyways... we aren't moving in this weekend. i'm reallly hoping for monday or tuesday.
well at least i can pack all day tomorrow now. ugh.

ok....christmas is coming SOON! please send out the word about Blueyedesign!!!
more pics will be posted this weekend...of the round letters & of the BIG BIG letters!!!

i will be doing a deal for 5 or more letters! pass the word along!

p.s. i love my job. i love the people i work with. i love all the kids in our classroom more than anything!!! {one of our newer children is moving to rhode island on tues. & yes. i am quite bummed}


Joy said...

I have gotten bit before, it's no fun! I worked in an MD SCILLS class for a year snd a 1/2 and we had a biter, but she bit on purpose! One time I had to go to the dr. because one of my scratches/bites got infected! I'm glad he didn't mean to bite you. Those kids are so special, they are very lucky to have you!

Tim and Amy said...

Bummer about not moving! Craziness! Sorry about the bite. You & Traci are SO patient with your kids. I'll definitely try & get the word out about Blueyedesign.

Traci said...

Getting bit is NO fun! Sorry! Hope everything goes well with signing/moving next week!

katelines photography. said...

(house and bite)

i will get to it, i have alot of "real" shoots that have to come first... sorry.


Cami Clay Photo. said...

Oh gosh Mindy, you really shouldnt talk to me like that. I get really bashful.

Im sorry you were bitten and have a big ol bruise. sad face.

nadia shea said...

ah glorious! You really think I would have thought of that but I didn't!

laura. said...

wow.. bit? that sounds like it would be fun =)
that is a bummer about not moving yet.

merry christmas!