its up.

Blueyedesign is UP! :) click on the link on the right.

if you want to post the link on your page... email me & i'll get you the
more examples will be put up soon, including the Large letters!

please notice: pictures taken by kate lines.
where? my families old house. the one i grew up in. lived in for almost 20 years. love those bricks. i hate driving by and knowing i cant go inside. but this was a nice way of bringing it into the blog.


we should be moving in next week.

i have to pack still. everything.

i have a creative mess in the front room from doing lots of these letters.
{i am beyond thrilled to have a scrapbook room when we move}

OH OH. almost forgot. i got a SEWING MACHINE. yes yes. an old one. from my sisters- mother-in-law. i was so excited!!!

one more thing. i got a new phone. after three years. my first phone finally quit on me yesterday. wouldn't even turn on for more than 2 minutes. i got the enV2 :) yesssss.
p.s. like the new header? thank you jill!!!


jill s said...

how exciting!!!!

i can't wait to see pics of your new place!

i wish i was there to help you out!


Traci said...

Love the site! LOVE the header! Can't believe you'll be moving next week!! WOOHOO!

riggsfam said...

Fun stuff. I bet you're loving that phone! Your site is very fun. I'll post a link on our blog. Cute header!

katelines photography. said...

i love the header, i love your laugh. the face almost reminds me of my killer charlie brown impression.
(hahahahahaha, that makes me laugh so hard just thinking about it, i think that is the moment we became true freinds)

i have CPR class saturday morning, but the rest of the day is devoted to your house.

Tim and Amy said...

fabulous header! gorgeous colors.

love the brick background... love your new little side job - so exciting! i'll definitely post it on the side of my blog - but i can't promise anyone new would see it! :o)

i started packing yesterday chica! you better get on it!

Millie said...

So cute!! I have letters that I was supposed to finish before my baby was born...still not done! maybe you can help me embellish them when I actually glue the paper on!